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Spouting Whale Craft

spouting whale craft

Emma has become quite the crafting machine recently, perusing books for ideas as well as coming up with her own. She got the idea for this spouting whale from The Usborne Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do, which we were lucky enough to win in a giveaway at Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns last year! It’s more of a science craft book than a science experiment book, but Emma has a lot of fun with it!

making the spouting whale craft - creating a tight seal

We did change the instructions slightly, using plasticine to create a seal between the straw and the water balloon instead of paper. I think our solution was a big improvement!

a tight seal for the spouting whale craft

Johnny had the opportunity to make a whale of his own (Emma helped Lily make one), but our resident clown thought sticking plasticine to the wall was much more fun – and actually, a bit of a challenge to get it to stay there!

sticking plasticine to the wall

We used a syringe to fill the balloon without making too big of a mess, and Emma gave it a go:

testing out the spouting whale craft

Success! She was so thrilled to get this to work!

water emerging from the spouting whale craft

LOVE her expression!!!

spouting whale craft - fun science activity for kids!

Have you ever made a spouting whale? I think this is a fun group activity for, say, 6-8-year-olds. I recommend doing it outside, since our floor did get wet. It was a cold day (we still get those pretty frequently in Massachusetts), and the floor needed mopping, anyway. :)

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MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

30 thoughts on “Spouting Whale Craft”

  1. Kids feel a sense of empowerment when they’re giving the opportunity to choose what they want to learn and be involved in the learning process. It’s awesome you give her the space, confidence and materials to do hands-on learning. Way to go Mom!

  2. Ohhh wow – I read your posts and keep thinking about the what’s to comes. I really am looking forward to the new challenges of an older children but also the greater range of stuff that we can do. Even though now is exciting I have a feeling it will just get better and better.

  3. How fun!! (Notice the Usborne book not being available on Amazon? Usborne decided to remove all of their books from amazon recently! It has made big news. But good for us consultants. :)

  4. How fun. Too bad that Usborne books are not available on Amazon any longer. I need to give Anna our version of this Usborne book to try things out.

  5. great idea! we have been learning about whales with our homeschool group so will totally try this out!

    1. This would make a fantastic homeschool group activity! I plan to do it with our little science playgroup, once the weather is warm enough to do it outside :)

  6. Malia @Playdough to Plato

    What a fun follow up to your Usbourne book! Fantastic photos. I particularly love the focus in your last pic. It’s brilliant.

  7. super duper cool! my whales lovers are going to want to know exactly how to do this — btw, what is plasticene?

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