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Sorting change

sorting coins

Our first morning and Mike’s mom’s house in Vegas, we came downstairs (at some absurdly early hour, since the kids were on East Coast time) to find the following note:

Gramma's note: Any money that kids sort and put in rolls (with help!) can be used to go out for treats

The kids enjoyed helping us roll the container of change above, as well as a second container with a similar amount of money. Any guesses how much money we rolled?

Thanks to this activity, Emma is now an expert at telling nickels, dimes, and quarters apart, and Johnny is an expert at putting coins in stacks of five! Lily enjoyed a fun sensory experience, and thankfully did not try to put any coins in her mouth! Still working on teaching all three kids the relative value of the coins…

Update: the total change rolled added up to $334.50. We were pretty shocked! So, if you have change sitting around, you may want to start rolling it =)

MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

9 thoughts on “Sorting change”

    1. A cash register was the hit gift at Emma’s third birthday party, so I’m not surprised! =)

  1. This is a fun activity. When I got to Coinstar with a similarly looking pile of change, it ran into about 50 dollars. I hope kids enjoyed their treats.

    1. $334.50, in our case. We were shocked. There were a lot of quarters, but still! Now to figure out what to use it for – some kind of road trip with Gramma, I think!

  2. Elisa | blissfulE

    What a terrific note and fun activity! What would be a tedious task for adults is a great learning experience for kids. Fantastic!

  3. That was a great activity for the kids and for treats after. Love how you always find such great ways to teach and have fun at the same time. Yeah to learning and no coins being eaten. Not a guess but I’m sure there was close to 75 dollars (if not more)… Coins are so often thought as small change but it’s amazing how it adds up.

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