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Solar Science For Kids

A fun way to teach kids about solar science. Learn about a DIY solar lantern kit for kids plus fun ways to learn about the power of the sun.

DIY solar light kit for kids

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Fun Ways to Teach Kids Solar Science

Solar power gains a little more traction every day! One of my brothers now has solar power on the roof of his house, and that is something I would love to add to our home someday.

Today I’m sharing my two favorite solar science experiments for kids: one using a somewhat pricey but very well designed kit (wait for a sale!) and another using items most families have lying around their homes.

MPOWERD Luci Solar Light Review

A fun way to teach kids about solar science. Learn about a DIY solar lantern kit for kids plus fun ways to learn about the power of the sun. #stemed #sciencerocks #solarscience #solarpower #homeschool #learnathome

I bought MPOWERD Luci solar light kits for my children after my aunt recommended them. These kits are kind of expensive, but she assured me they were a good investment and high quality. I did wait for a sale, but I agree with her that the quality is excellent.

Solar light kit for kids

First impressions do matter, and the packaging is gorgeous.

Solar power education for kids

The included Solar Project features a history of solar power, fun facts, science lessons, and activities. I was super impressed with this booklet! Through the activities and explanations in the book, children can learn all about solar power, electricity, energy storage, and artificial light. The book also introduces kids to scientists and inventors who make lights like this one possible.

Solar lantern electronics

The build-your-own Luci solar light STEM kit features transparent casing so that children can see all of the individual components that make these lights work.

building a solar light

The light components plug together so that even a 7-year-old can easily build a light.

DIY sun powered light

The kids also include a range of different colored LED lights so that children can customize their light and make it look the way they want it to look.

More Solar Power Themed Fun for Kids

Sun Upcycled Crayons

My kids love this simple sun-upcycled crayons solar oven experiment. All you need are some old crayons, a cardboard box, tin foil, and cupcake pan and cupcake liners. Use silicone molds to make crayons in all sorts of fun shapes! Pay attention to which crayons melt faster and slower. We found a big difference between crayon colors even when we used only Crayola crayons.

Plants and Sunlight

Plants get their energy from the sun, just like solar panels! Try this simple plants and sunlight experiment to demonstrate just how important the sun is to plants! Seedlings work best for this experiment, in our experience.

Do you have a favorite solar science activity for kids that we should try? Have you tried the Build-Your-Own Luci solar STEM kit for kids? What did you think?

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