playing in new snow

It may already be (nearly) melted after two glorious days of 60+ degree weather, but we were never happier to see March come in like a lion! My kids have been waiting and waiting for snow, and they had a wonderful time playing in the snow – and in the warmer weather!

snow on japanese maple

The snow is so pretty, too! Especially on our beloved Japanese Maple tree!

bringing snow indoors for kids to play

The kids couldn’t stay out in the cold forever, so we brought some in for them to continue to enjoy indoors! Icicles made for a special touch!

bringing snow indoors for kids to play

Bringing snow indoors has been a year-after-year favorite in our home! Do you bring the snow in in the wintertime?

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

13 thoughts on “Snow!”

  1. Elisa | blissfulE

    Playing with snow indoors would be my ideal way – then I could enjoy it without getting too cold! :)

  2. Japanese Maples are gorgeous. We have a tree, as well as a bush. We’ve only had a dusting this year. I’ve never brought the snow inside though, good idea!

  3. No, we’ve never brought the snow inside. Mainly because, well, we don’t get snow.

    You are the coolest Mom EVER!!!

  4. You are rad!!!!!!! I am not too sure how many moms would let the snow come inside, but how fun for the kiddos. Obviously living in Southern CA we have no snow, but I do let the kids bring the sunshine in :D

  5. My kids have missed not having any snow this year after all we got last year. After our incredibly warm temps, we’re now in a several day cold spell. I guess I cleaned out my fireplace a little too soon! I love how happy your kids look in these photos!

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