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Small Talk Crochet Shawl

Pictures from making the Small Talk crochet shawl.

Small talk crochet shawl

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I love using kits to learn new skills. This fall, I bought the Small Talk crochet shawl kit to try. I love crocheting shawls, because once you figure out the pattern it is very relaxing.

Making the Small Talk Crochet Shawl

Crochet shawl - before being blocked

This was my first time blocking a shawl. I used an entire pack of Clover fork pins (I think there was one left over). My girls are still arguing over whether they liked the shawl better with a ruffled edge or with the points that were created by blocking.

Blocking the shawl

I don’t have a blocking mat, but this mattress seemed to work pretty well. I tried dry blocking first, and it worked at first but didn’t hold. Then I tried steaming it, but I just don’t have the patience for holding my steaming iron slowly over the entire shawl. So I wound up getting the shawl wet before blocking. It has held really well.

Beautiful crochet shawl

I give away most of the things I crochet, but January was selfish crochet month and I love the mango color of this yarn. My girls do, also, so we are keeping it for cool evenings and cooler afternoons.

Do you have a favorite crochet shawl pattern?

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