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SleepBuddy Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations, Maile!

Want to give the SleepBuddy that we tested out for this post a try? SleepBuddy (via MomSelect) is offering one to one of my US-based readers! My kids loving have this visual to help them know when it’s bedtime and when it’s okay to get up. The SleepBuddy arrives wrapped up (just like the cover of the accompanying book, and the box also includes a rewards chart you can use.

To enter, just visit their website and leave a comment letting me know something about the product that makes you especially excited to try it out! The giveaway runs through 7am Massachusetts time November 24th, when a winner will be chosen via random.org.

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8 thoughts on “SleepBuddy Giveaway”

  1. Amy @ A Little Nosh

    My favorite part is that it has a nightlight. My son JUST started sleeping with his door closed, but he insists on a nightlight for the first time ever. The nightlight we have is just so bright, so this would be awesome.

  2. I love this idea! O still gets up in the middle of the night and asks if he can get up for the day! A visual cue would be great for him to know when it is an appropriate time to get out of bed. =)

  3. We will be transitioning our toddler into his bed soon and this would really help to give him a visual of time. I like that they are promoting healthy sleeping habits and routines! Awesome giveaway!

  4. My 3 year old daughter still does not sleep through thenight and now I have a newborn so I am one tired mama!

    I love that: Easy-to-program sleep light reminds your kids when to stay in bed.

    I like:

    Here at SleepBuddy, we’re passionate about providing parents the awareness and tools they need to teach their children healthy sleep routines so EVERYONE gets the sleep they need.

  5. This would be great! I love that it helps the kids know when they can come out in the morning by turning off at the appointed time. It would be great to end the 6:30 wakenings!

  6. My almost 3 year old nephew really needs this. He still doesn’t sleep through the night.

    My favorite part is the light blue light, that looks so calming!

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