Our Favorite Simple Science Projects for Kids

Easy Science Projects for Kids that work well with large groups, and can be used as science fair projects for school. Great Science Education ideas!

Easy Science Projects for Kids that work well with large groups, and can be used as science fair projects for school. Great Science Education ideas!

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We all know that science is important, but sometimes it feels overwhelming! Today I’m sharing our favorite simple science activities.

Our Favorite Simple Science Projects for Kids

These science projects work well with large groups of kids, like the noon science program I ran at my kids’ school last year. They also make fantastic science fair project ideas! Our science projects cover five categories, starting with simple projects and moving to more complex ideas.

#1 Chemical Reactions

Baking soda and vinegar is my favorite chemical reaction to explore with kids! Everybody knows the classic volcano experiment. Self inflating balloons feel truly magical, and get kids thinking about the gases that are released during a chemical reaction. My children spent hours of their early childhood exploring the baking soda and vinegar reaction on simple trays. Science can be easy!

This iodine and starch experiment is another chemical reaction you can easily do at home, along with testing for acids and bases using litmus paper.

Encourage your children to look for more chemical reactions – like dish soap breaking down oils on dirty dishes.

#2 Science and Carbonation

Kids love this dancing pasta experiment. You can repeat it rice, raisins, and other materials. Which materials dance “best”? Follow up with these dry ice experiments.

#3 Explore the Power of the Sun

Make sun prints using this special paper or (if you leave it out a little longer) inexpensive construction paper. Make a solar oven and upcycle old crayons, or make s’mores! Use UV beads to teach children about the importance of wearing sunscreen, even when the sun doesn’t seem that bright.

#4 Use the Power of Magnification to See More

A simple magnifying glass or microscope inspires a nearly infinite range of science projects for kids! Get out in nature, but also take the time to examine the different textures of your home and even your own skin and hair under magnification. My kids enjoyed seeking out camouflage in nature with a magnifying glass, and I have a few tips for teaching kids to use microscopes.

#5 Discover Computing

There are so many fun ways to teach kids about computers and computing! We love this code your name in jewelry activity, and I recommend this starter coding robot.

Easy science projects for kids. Simple ideas that work well with groups and also as science fair project ideas.

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