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Simple Easter Craft

A simple Easter craft that scales easily for Easter parties or use as a preschool activity.

Craft foam Easter eggs

Between sickness and our big trip, we haven’t done much crafting around here lately, and Emma was really missing it. She asked me this morning if we could “decorate the entire house for Easter”. We haven’t gotten that far, but she was immensely pleased to decorate some eggs cut out of craft foam. Although, looking at this picture I think I need to work on my egg shapes a bit! You can buy egg-shaped craft foam to make this craft even simpler.

This was a very simple Easter craft: I cut the eggs out of craft foam, and the kids decorated them with stick-on jewels and markers. The purple and yellow ones are Emma’s, and the green and blue ones are Johnny’s. Lily made one, too, but she didn’t want it stuck on the wall or photographed, so you’ll have to imagine a pink egg with pink scribbles on it!

Cost-benefit analysis:

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9 thoughts on “Simple Easter Craft”

  1. This is a great easy project! I love how Emma’s eggs turned out – she clearly put a lot of thoughts into her designs.

  2. Elisa | blissfulE

    Cute eggs! Too funny that Lily didn’t want hers photographed.

    Revealing my craft foam ignorance here, but how do they stick to the wall?

    1. Not unless you buy the sticky-backed kind – and I think that kind would be hard to get off! We just have plain craft foam.

      They do stick beautifully to tile if they are wet – so you can cut them into shapes and use them as bathtub toys =)

  3. Love holiday decorating and those are especially beautiful! We haven’t done any crafting lately. It’s so very sad!

  4. I’ve discovered that I don’t do as many crafts around holidays like I want to because I’m so busy doing stuff. Drives me nuts.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one with that problem! Maybe it will get easier as the kids get older?

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