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Simple Birthday Party Crafts

Kids love these simple birthday party crafts! They are great for children aged 2-6 years old.

birthday party crafts for kids

Keep It Simple: Birthday Party Crafts for Young Children

It’s so easy to overthink birthday party activities, especially for young children! The truth is, children love simple.

I stuck with simple crafts for Emma’s birthday party, after considering several much more elaborate options. Luckily, the kids liked them!

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Birthday Craft #1

decorating small boxes as a birthday party craft

These paper mache boxes were the main craft – I gave the kids foam shape stickers and stick-on jewels, and they went to town. No mess, and accessible to everyone, aged 2 to 6.

decorating small boxes as a birthday craft

The shapes were mainly there for the boys (Johnny definitely favored them over the jewels), but some of the kids got incredibly creative by combining both! I particularly liked this little bunny face made by one of Emma’s friends:

decorating boxes as a birthday party craft

Easy Craft #2: Decorate Goody Bags

Our other craft was also incredibly simple and a hit: decorate white goody bags with glitter glue! The kids enjoyed this, but the bags weren’t dry at the end of the two-hour party, so I’ll be thinking of something else for the next party. This would work beautifully for a sleepover party!

glitter glue birthday party craft

I had planned some birthday games, but the kids just wanted to play, so I let them.

Do you have a favorite birthday party craft or activity to share? I’m always looking for good ideas, especially that can be done indoors since two of my kids have winter birthdays – and winter in New England is COLD!!!

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15 thoughts on “Simple Birthday Party Crafts”

  1. Great idea! We’re doing Christian’s birthday party on Saturday, and I have what I *hope* turns out to be a simple craft!

  2. Nice craft. We had Reagan’s party today at Teamworks. We usually have it at home, but she wanted it there this year. When we do have it at home, I find that the kids prefer to do one simple craft (like yours) and then just play on their own, so I usually abandon the planned games too. Sometimes we decorate cookies or cupcakes. Also, we decorated gift bags with stickers and markers one year.

    1. Stickers and markers are a much better way to decorate gift bags! Not sure what I was thinking (other than that Emma wanted glitter glue…)

  3. Sounds like everything was a hit. Isn’t it nice when the kids just want to play on their own?

  4. Elisa | blissfulE

    Looks like fun! And I love it that the kids just wanted to play AND that you let them! :)

  5. Well, you saw what we just did inside. Jeff’s suggesting for Princess’ party this year to decorate the doll houses I suggested as a birthday present. I’m thinking about it, it would be really fun. Princess really enjoyed the Mommy and Me tea party we went to.

  6. Love it! No good “indoor party ideas” but here goes some outdoor ideas. I’m planning a Smurf party in 2 weeks. We’re doing different “Smurf Villages”. For Handy Smurf, they are building a wooden plane (cheapo kits from Michaels). I actually pre-assembled some parts so the kids only have to do 3 or 4 steps vs. about 12 steps. Then we’re going to transition into “Painter Smurf’s Village” and paint the planes (hopefully the paint will be dry by the time they go home). Next up, we’re going to do “Baker Smurf’s Village” and have each kid decorate 2 cookies (I already made basic sugar cookies and they are in the freezer). I’ll have bags of frosting and a bunch of sprinkles. For Farmer Smurf, I’m making the kids go in my garden and we’ll be planting seeds in individual containers for them to take home (packs of 4 planters are sold at the Dollar Tree, or you can just use plastic cups). We’ll also have a “Hunt For Smurfberries” treasure hunt (I have 100 small bags of red Jelly Beans (Stop & Shop sells Cherry Jelly Beans this time of year) – about 6 per bag and I bought the small treat bags at Michaels). But since egg hunts and the sorts go by in a snap, we’re shaking it up by putting each child’s name on 4 or 5 of the bags and they have to find their own bags. Most kids will be 5 or 6 at the party. Lastly, we’ll have an Azrael piñata that we are currently in the process of making here at home. We assume the “stations” will actually only take 5-10 minutes tops. So the kids can run around and play between villages and we’re cleaning up/setting up. My sons want to play “Smurf, Smurf, Gargamel” which is just a “fancy” take on “Duck, Duck, Goose”. I’m tired just typing all that out…I get so into this stuff. Everyone makes fun of me because I’m so fruity! :)

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