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Raising Kids to Love Their Family: Sibling Day

Lily plays with her sibling half-birthday gifts

We had a wonderful time earlier this month starting a new family tradition: sibling celebrations for half-birthdays – Lily’s, to be exact!

Johnny makes a half birthday gift for Lily

Emma and Johnny were thrilled to make some presents from recyclables. They both chose to make box-based playscapes, complete with figurines. I loved seeing all the hard work they put into making gifts for their little sister! Johnny made these stick figures:

stick figures by Johnny

And Emma made one of her square guys:

half birthday gift for Lily by Emma

It was so fun watching Emma and Johnny wrap up and deliver their gifts!

Emma carries the half-birthday gift she made for Lily

Emma’s card says, “Happy half birthday LiLY! LiLY I love YOU! I LIke LiLY because she shares.”

Johnny carries the half-birthday gift he made for Lily

Johnny’s card says, “ToLILY HALF.BIRTH”

three kids exploring violins

Then they all engaged in one of their favorite activities: “playing” violin. I’m not raising prodigies; they are just the very lucky inheritors of violins! I’m planning to help them learn how to play properly eventually, but in the meantime, this is what we get:


What fun and creative learning is happening at your house this week? Do you have a sibling day?


MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

24 thoughts on “Raising Kids to Love Their Family: Sibling Day”

    1. Thank you, Ally!

      They really love playing their violins! Maybe they’ll learn to play properly, someday – Emma is making progress on playing one string at a time =)

  1. Love Love Love the 1/2 birhtdya for siblings.
    I see the kids play the violin. My 12 yo granddaughter just got hers. Her Dad sent it from Korea. this will be her 4th instrument. so happy you started your kids playing Malika

  2. Love the video! :)
    I already added my links from the week to the linky in your “week in review” post but have added them again for the Learning Laboratory. Hope that’s OK!
    Very excited about the Spring Carnival! :)

    1. Yes, that’s fine for them to be both places! I’m also looking forward to the Spring Carnival – tomorrow!!!

  3. What a great idea – Johnny’s and Emma’s presents are very sweet. You never know – perhaps you ARE raising prodigies. At least they know something about violins already!

    1. Did you notice that Johnny is holding his bow upside down? :)

      Prodigies or not, I hope they always enjoy the expressive side of music!

  4. So sweet! Reminds me of the assortment of things my daughter made for my son for his birthday.

    She make a drawing and then cut it up to make it a puzzle. She cut a spiral out of paper and called it a bouncing toy and a shark shaped card!

    Love the violin pic too!

  5. I love it, I love any excuse to celebrate really. We made Valentines yesterday for all the kids classes and also had to decorate a few boxes as Valentine containers. I supplied materials and let the kids go at it. It’s always fun to see what they come up with all on their own. Love the music show, so cute.

  6. Great idea to have a half birthday celebration for the siblings, my kids love any excuse to make a card. You are a brave mama with that many violins in the house at one time.

  7. You are a fantastic mom!
    I love the pictures of them playing the violins…adorable!
    I played the violin…but I wasn’t very good…I would have been better off just left to have fun! :)

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