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Sewing Fabric Baskets and Setting April 2018 Goals

I love setting monthly goals as a way of providing a focus for the month. In March I finished some long-WIP fabric baskets as part of a March goal. I’m so glad they’re out of the closet and being used! What are your April 2018 goals?

Sewing fabric buckets and setting goals for April 2018

I write these monthly goals posts on my blog because they help me get things done! Last month, I FINALLY finished these fabric baskets that my daughter Emma and I started sewing at Snap! when we went two years ago! We haven’t made it back to the conference (yet), but we had a blast the one time we went, and it was so nice to finally get these out of the closet and into use! Emma sewed most of hers – I just helped at the end. Hers is the one with cream colored buttons; they both have wonky elements but are both very usable.

The sewing class was run by the U Create crew, but I couldn’t find a tutorial or pattern for it online. Let me know if you find one?

Let’s Look at March Goals

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Overall, I did okay with achieving March goals. I published my Creativation highlights post, but I didn’t make much progress on my ebook.

I published four posts for Storybook Science on my Great Family Reads blog:

Unfortunately, I completely abandoned my Top Toy Finds site. I have several posts in the works, but none are finished.

I did keep on blogging here, including posts about Anna’s Kindergarten Homeschool CurriculumLily’s 3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum, and Emma’s 6th Grade Homeschool Curriculum. The girls have enjoyed their homeschool year thus far, but we are also all very happy to have spring break this week!

And, as you saw above, I got some sewing done! March was actually a bit of a return to crafting in general, as I also worked on projects with polymer clay and wool fiber.

Sewing Fabric Buckets and Setting April 2018 Goals #goals #monthlygoals

Setting April 2018 Goals

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We’ve been in our new home for over four months now, and I am finally feeling settled and organized enough that I am getting more things done. There is still organizing left to work on, but the unmoving has reached a very livable phase.

We enjoyed starting April off with Easter celebrations, dying eggs with friends and sharing an Easter dinner with friends. California doesn’t really have a winter season, but April will likely mean more sunshine. Mike has a business trip this month after uncharacteristically being home for ALL of March. The kids have state testing, which is time consuming. We are all excited to escape to a cabin in the Sierras at the end of the month. It will be a work trip for Mike, but a very fun one where we get to come along.

So, about those goals:

  • Work on finishing move-in touches, including hanging pictures!
  • Finish reading Listen. This is a parenting book that one of my sisters recommended. I’m enjoying and learning from it so far.
  • Prep kids for testing so they know what to expect.
  • Keep sewing.
  • Finish a complete draft of my ebook.
  • Enjoy our trip to the Sierras.
  • Keep taking pictures. I quit for a while when we were busy moving, and I’m just getting back into the rhythm of photographing more of our days. It’s a process I enjoy, and I appreciate the memories.

What are your April 2018 goals? Check out my friend Cassie’s post for more inspiration. Please share in the comments below, or share a post link on my Facebook page! You can also tag me on instagram

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  1. I’m trying out making some fabric baskets. It’s primarily been a try this and try that method, and none of them have looked very good, but for the purpose I need them, they’ll work just fine. I’m thinking of switching over to just felt and doing that…..

  2. Great baskets! I love the fabrics you’ve used. My goal for April is to be outside as much as possible, we are having the most beautiful spring and it would be a shame to miss a moment.

  3. We have almost had our place for a year but started to really unpack in September. But we are working on finishing up all the rest of our boxes. I wish you luck with your goals.

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