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Sew a Harry Potter Weighted Blanket

Sew a Harry Potter weighted blanket to ease anxiety and bring comfort to fans of all ages. Learn where to find fabric, filling options, and more.

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How to sew a Harry Potter themed weighted blanket

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Where Can I Find Harry Potter Fabric?

We bought our fabric at JoAnn, but you can also find Harry Potter themed fabric on Etsy, Fabric.com, Amazon, and Spoonflower. Etsy had the best prices when I was writing this post, but I haven’t bought fabric from them so I’m not sure about the quality. Be sure to read reviews before you buy.

How Much Should a Weighted Blanket Weigh?

Weighted blanket weight varies by age and height. It is based off of a person’s ideal weight rather than their current weight if they are overweight, or their current weight if they are underweight. Read more about how this is calculated in my weighted blanket weight post.

How Do I Sew a Weighted Blanket?

If you’ve never sewn a weighted blanket, I really recommend starting at my how to sew a weighted blanket tutorial, but I’ll cover the basics here.

Hufflepuff weighted blanket

First, you’ll stitch up three of the sides, right sides together. Then flip right side out.

I like to top stitch around these three edges for added durability, but it’s not strictly necessary.

Sew a Fantastic Beasts blanket

Next, you’ll stitch long, evenly spaced columns into the blanket. You can use tailoring chalk or water erase pens to draw these stitching lines in if needed.

Fantastic Beasts sewing project

Fill each column with one row’s worth of pellets, stitch across, and then repeat until the entire blanket is filled.

I like to leave a little extra space at the top so that I can easily finish that final raw edge.

Again, please check my how to sew a weighted blanket tutorial for more details on this process.

Can I Fill My Blanket with Something Other Than Poly Pellets?

Sew a Hogwarts weighted blanket

Poly pellets are the most popular filling for weighted blankets because they don’t get hot in the dryer and they wash well, but sometimes people want non plastic or less expensive alternatives.

Click here to learn how to make weighted blankets without using poly pellets.

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Please share photos of your Harry Potter themed weighted blankets!

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