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Setting Monthly Goals: September 2014


August was a busy month, and somehow it is already time to set goals for September! My three “big” kids started kindergarten, first grade, and third grade in August – thankfully all at the same school after going to three different schools last year. Lily LOVES kindergarten, and was thrilled to be assigned to her dream classroom (I have no idea how she decided it was her dream classroom, but she did, sometime last spring. Thankfully her dream came true). Emma is missing her school from last year, but also making new friends (she had her first play date with a new friend yesterday). Johnny had a rough start to first grade, but says he likes school. Anna enjoys having me all to herself every morning. She discovered this month that she loves trains (she calls them “choo-choo” and signs train while she says it – very adorable), so we build a lot of train tracks together. She is keeping busy with physical therapy, and we are supposed to add in occupational and speech therapy starting in September. I’m guessing that will take up a lot of the “quiet” time the kids spend in school! Anna continues to be a very happy and charming child. Lily started violin lessons this past week, and is very excited about that. Emma will be doing theater after school, and Johnny will start basketball. It seems that my kids are growing up and finding their own interests! I am grateful that my kids go to a school with short days a few times each week. I only signed them up for activities that fall on these short days, so that – while their activities technically take place after school – they still get home at the normal time.


My goals for August were simple, and it’s a good thing! We really enjoyed visiting Mike’s family in Las Vegas, and celebrating Mike and Anna’s joint birthday, and Lily’s fifth birthday.


We were visiting Mike’s mom and sister for all three birthdays, and that didn’t translate well to cake baking, so we went for a simple store bought cake and a rain check on the planned cake for Lily’s birthday (she did love the special candles Mike’s sister helped her pick out). Maybe we’ll make time for that this week. Lily is a very patient child and she hasn’t complained about my not making time for this project, but I know she would enjoy FINALLY making the cake we planned together.

September 2014 goals

And now it’s time to set September goals, which I plan to keep as simple as possible:

  • Continue to work on Johnny’s school situation until we are all completely happy with how his days are going. His teacher is very caring and a great communicator, but right now he seems pretty overwhelmed. I don’t think that elementary school should feel overwhelming, so we need to resolve this issue. He is doing better than he was the first week of school, so hopefully it is as simple as giving him time to adjust to the new year. Themes: responsibility and education
  • Get Anna set up with occupational therapy and speech therapy. This is a scheduling item, but scheduling can be incredibly challenging. Theme: responsibility
  • Support Mike as his job ramps up after a busy summer. Given his long summer hours, I’m a little concerned about what (typically much busier) fall is going to look like. Theme: gratitude
  • Think carefully before accepting commitments and be conscientious about how we all spend our time. Themes: simplicity and gratitude

What did August look like in your home? What do you have planned for September?

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. I hope you’re able to get everything worked out with Johnny’s school. We’ve had a busy first week of September but I plan to celebrate our anniversary and 2 birthdays well this month!

  2. Sounds like September is beginning with a bang! Hope everything works out for Johnny. My kids start school tomorrow and I hope all goes well!

  3. After our first month of school, I have decided that making sure kids are successful in school can be more work than just teaching them at home. I wish you the best in figuring it out for your son.

  4. My internet allowance ran out so I’m down to dial-up, for the next few days more, which is just as well since most of my mind is taken up with John’s mysterious digestive system issues. So my top priority for Sept is getting that sorted out, hopefully, as well as happier things such as John’s baptism and Nikki’s first communion.

    My heart goes out to Johnny – I was very overwhelmed each of the many times I switched schools. Down time as you described earlier, and a simple predictable schedule, with lots of love and encouragement, all things I know you excel at, will help him through. And good for you protecting your schedule from over-commitment!

  5. Lots of changes and adjustments, for sure — hope everyone takes deep breaths (and breathes out slowly — that’s the trick, as if you’re blowing slowly out of a straw or gently blowing out candles).

    Best wishes and love from the Mid-South — everyone is growing up so nicely. Please be sure to recharge yourself some; it sounds like you are doing so much to support everyone. Hope you have lots of fun mindfulness moments with your family.

    My goals for September: Get job applications ready and have conviction.

    Good luck to everyone!!!

  6. September always is such a busy time and starts with such a bang after summer. I think school is a big adjustment for all kids even if they are not changing schools. My kids start tomorrow!! (And they are not excited about it at all!).

  7. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    Sorry that Johnny’s first week was hard. I hope he (and his teacher) will keep adjusting to each other. At least nobody is sick!! How many days do you have short days – we only have one, and daughter will be taking Mad Science on that day, plus 2 days of theater on Tuesday and Thursday (those will be LONG days at school!)

    1. This week has gone pretty well. We decided to sign him up for soccer as well as basketball and he really enjoyed his first soccer class. I am sick this week, but the kids seem fine (fingers crossed they stay that way!)

  8. I hope all goes well with your son’s school! What about it is overwhelming for him?

    August was pretty good for us. My eldest started transitional kindergarten and he randomly will say, “I love school.” :) We’ve been having lots of babysitters on the weekends because my husband and I planned a few “date night” outings (concert, tea restaurant, a wedding to go to).

    September is already “busy,” but by busy I mean we have something to do on the weekends. Weekdays are ridiculously low-key for us. I’m usually home alone with all three kids and usually spend the time hanging out with them at home.

    1. Any change is overwhelming to him, and just starting the day at his new class requires three steps (leave your lunch one place, your backpack somewhere else, then find your seat and start the worksheet of the day). Those three steps would reassure some kids, but for him it feels overwhelming. He is getting used to it, though!

      I have heard really great things about transitional kindergarten where we live!

      I am always amazed at how easy it is to be busy.

  9. I always love your monthly goal setting posts. This month, the last goal you shared really resonates with me: Think carefully before accepting commitments and be conscientious about how we all spend our time.

    I need to borrow that goal. I’m focusing on getting back to family meals together, a monthly service commitment with the boys and prioritizing date night (monthly, at minimum). I know we’ll have a busy Fall, so these goals are important to me to keep our family focused and grounded. I discovered they were my goals when finally writing a new blog post on Back to School Routines and Family Traditions — and as I wrapped the post up, I immediately realized I had also written a monthly goal setting post of sorts like you! http://jennifischer.blogspot.com/2014/08/back-to-school-tips-less-stress-more.html

  10. Our August was very busy. I went back to work after a 4 month mat leave, J started kindergarten, and we’ve started the process of getting J’s room ready for both kids. Baby J will have a ninja turtle themed nursery, but oh well. She doesn’t mind. We’ll finish that up and do some more organizing in September. I’m hoping to catch up on Nerdy Science too, but my computer is on the fritz. Computer shopping may be an October goal.

    Transitions are tough. J’s taken it pretty well. However, I have to remind myself that everything needs time to work out. I’m hoping to get him involved in basketball too.

    1. P.S. It sounded like a busy, but fun month. I love how patient Lily is. I’m glad the one drop off is working for you. After school clubs sound like fun.

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