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Setting Monthly Goals for July 2024

Monthly goals for July 2024. Every month I set a few attainable goals as a way to stay motivated and focus on what I want to accomplish.

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Monthly goals for July 2024. Every month I set a few reachable goals as a way to stay motivated and focus on what I want to accomplish.

How did June Go?

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June was busy! I enjoyed visiting my parents with my three younger kids, then we went to Yosemite with Mike, which was beautiful but also very crowded.

My oldest child was gone for most of the month, flying a plane across the Atlantic! I didn’t know this until she was invited to join this trip, but apparently sometimes people in different countries buy small planes, and then hire pilots to fly the planes to those countries! So E got to pick up a small plane in Florida and then fly it with another pilot to Europe, with lots of hops in between. It’s a grueling schedule, but quite an experience! She says she lost track of all time zones and was thoroughly exhausted. She also wants to do it again (but not as a full time job). Her photos from Greenland and Iceland were especially spectacular, and if I’m lucky I’ll get her to write up a post here about it, someday.

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After Yosemite, I drove to Utah with L and A (we played our favorite road trip games) so that L could go to a camp and A could hang out with her cousin H. Then we came home in time to drop J off at his summer program at a nearby state school.

I got a little music and crafting done. I finished the month’s quilt block and helped L and A make some lovely shirred dresses out of some pre-shirred fabric we found in a JoAnn’s in Utah. Utah is fabric paradise!

Monthly Goals for July 2024

Monthly Goals for July 2024

I’m a few days late for this goals post. Yesterday we celebrated my 44th birthday. We also enjoyed watching my daughter E set off fireworks at a nearby show (her summer job, because flying is not exciting enough). It was really cool sitting right near where they were setting them off! Also, working a fireworks show is a lot of physical work with no room for error. E loved both shows she worked.

L leaves for her own summer program tomorrow. Then E (continuing the adventure theme) leaves for a couple of weeks in Rwanda with Mike on Monday. J has two and a half weeks of his summer program left before he gets home, so A and I get the novel experience of being home alone together for a couple of weeks! Even A has ballet intensive during the day for those two weeks, so I am hoping to use that time to get some stuff done, namely:

  • Blog! I have a huge backlog of posts just waiting for time to be written.
  • Play music and craft, because I love those activities.
  • Declutter and organize – not terribly fun, but makes the rest of my life run more smoothly.

What are your July 2024 goals?

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6 thoughts on “Setting Monthly Goals for July 2024”

  1. Wow, E had some incredible experiences this summer! As usual, you are keeping busy and juggling a lot of fun activities. Hopefully, July will be a healthy month for your family as I started it with Covid and it took a while for my normal energy levels to return.

  2. I love E’s experiences! I always wondered how they get so many people to light the professional fireworks displays. It’s like a once a year job for most of them??!!

  3. Wow, I’m amazed at her jobs that seems like the type of story that you end up telling your kids later on and your kids just don’t believe you. I bet that was a strange feeling for you.
    Your July goals sound very similar to my goals for the next several months, writing and decluttering/organizing. Hopefully both of us will be able to do that.

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