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Setting Monthly Goals for July 2021

Every month I write up a few things I want to be sure to accomplish. Here are my monthly goals for July 2021.

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Did I accomplish my June Goals

The first six months of 2021 were BUSY. I was homeschooling my two youngest daughters while teaching middle school music full time. My middle school classes were all online, so I was home, but I had to be pretty much exclusively zoned into work from 8am until 3:30pm every day.

I survived by swimming from 6-7am, then teaching the girls math from 7-8am. I’m sorry to say that they were pretty much on their own for the rest of their schoolwork, although I occasionally helped them on my lunch break or after I finished teaching. It was doable for the short term, but really hard, and I was thrilled to find a replacement to take my place in that school. I hope he turns out to be as amazing as he seems!

My June goals were super simple. I enjoyed my final days with my students and even wrote them a song that I might eventually post on YouTube or somewhere. I made the most of the time I did have with my kids. After school was done, I flew out to visit my sister and grandma for a few days and enjoyed that short trip.

The one goal that didn’t happen much was to work on this site. I got a little done, but less than I’d hoped to accomplish.

Setting Goals for July 2021

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July is a road trip month this year! The kids and I drive through California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and (briefly) Oregon this month. We stop in Idaho for one week for my family reunion, where Mike will meet up with us briefly. These goals take my travel plans into account:

  • Celebrate my 41st birthday. Not with fancy celebrations, just gratitude for being alive. Focus: gratitude
  • Make the most of my travel time with the kids. Family road trips offer so many opportunities to connect and make memories together! Focus: gratitude
  • Enjoy my family reunion. We live hours and even days away from family, so we really work to make the most of the days we spend together. Focus: gratitude
  • Continue to work on this site where and when time (and my internet connection!) allows. Check this space tomorrow for a new, fun, and free sewing tutorial and pattern! Focus: education and mindfulness

This fall all four of my kids are going to public school for the year, so I might actually have some serious time to work on this site – in August, once the school year starts! In the meantime (and even then), it’s family first for me because I do have the luxury of being able to take this time for my family.

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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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