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Setting Monthly Goals for April 2023

Every month I set a few reachable goals as a way to staying motivated and focusing on what I want to accomplish. Here are my monthly goals for April 2023.

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Setting April 2023 Monthly Goals

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How Did March Go?

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I was sick for a lot of March, so I’m glad I kept my March goals simple.

I got all of my quilt blocks sewn together; now I just need to add the border, batting, actual quilting, and binding. Hopefully I’ll get that done in April.

On my blog, I wrote about my 10-year-old daughter’s bird themed crazy hair day do and how we learned about extinct birds. I also published a post on books for kids who love birds over at Great Family Reads. It was a bird themed blogging month! We got a couple of budgies as pets earlier this year, and we really enjoy them.

I kept playing guitar, but, predictably, didn’t get any songs recorded. I also enjoyed seeing my 17-year-old perform in her school musical! Rehearsals for that were also super intense, and now that it’s over she’s not quite sure what to do with all of the free time.

2023 monthly goals for April

My Monthly Goals for April

I am super excited about spring break this month! The kids and I are going to visit one of my brothers and his family; we’ll also spend some time relaxing at home. So here are my goals:

  • Enjoy spring break! We are all ready for a more relaxing week, and excited to visit family.
  • Keep quilting. I enjoy it, it’s relaxing, and I have someone who will enjoy using the quilt when it’s done.
  • Keep blogging. I have a few posts partially written that I’ll work on publishing in April.
  • Keep playing music. It brings me joy.
  • Plan our summer road trip. We have a family reunion in Colorado, and I’m hoping to take the kids to see a few other sites on the way there and back.
  • Declutter. I’ve actually been working on this, but there is plenty left to do. My kids have aged out of quite a few things, and it’s time to clear them out to make more room for life.

I think that’s plenty to keep me busy!

What are you hoping to get done this month? Is there anything you are looking forward to?

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