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Setting Goals Month by Month: March 2014

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Spring comes early in California! February flew by, and so did my memories of just how cold it gets in Massachusetts, although I do miss the beautiful freshly-fallen snow. I did all right with the February goals I set, although – as usual – life had some surprises in store and I didn’t quite get everything done.

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Emma had a wonderful Harry Potter themed birthday party, and all of the kids’ valentines were duly delivered. We usually make them, but this year I went for the easy store kits. All of the kids are registered for school in the fall, and Johnny wound up moving to his THIRD kindergarten class of the year when a spot opened up for him at the school we are zoned for. Of course, this means that Johnny and Emma are now at different schools, once again, so I am hoping that a spot will open up for Emma soon. Siblings get priority, so she is now at the top of the 2nd grade waitlist. Johnny weathered the change well, and he says he doesn’t want to change schools any more – “unless I get a very mean teacher who makes me clean the whole entire school.” Fortunately his new teacher is very nice – as were his two previous teachers! With the school switch and some last-minute visits from family, I didn’t get my skirt finished or my email inboxes cleaned out, although I made progress on both fronts.

Monthly goals march 2014

Setting Goals for March 2014

Peace is my word of the year, and in pursuit of that goal I am keeping monthly goals simple!

  • Spend as much time outdoors as possible. Theme: gratitude
  • Host a retreat for the Multicultural Kid Bloggers. Theme: education
  • Clean out my email inboxes. Theme: simplicity
  • Finish filing taxes, which are particularly complicated this year. I’m mostly there – I think. Theme: responsibility
  • Finish the skirt I have sitting on the table upstairs. Themes: education and responsibility

What are you hoping to get done in March?

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24 thoughts on “Setting Goals Month by Month: March 2014”

  1. I’ve got a skirt I need to finish as well. It’s cut out and side seams are sewn, but since I was short on fabric I need to fiddle with the sides to make sure it fits properly and all that, and skimp some extra fabric.

    And 3rd school! Wow.

    1. The school situation this year has been crazy. Hopefully next year will be straightforward. And I’m still hoping to get Emma moved over to the neighborhood school this year…

      Good luck with your skirt! Mine has a lot of work still to be done.

  2. Gorgeous photos!! I’m glad Johnny is settling into his third school. That’s quite an adjustment. Hope your drop-off/pick-up isn’t too hectic. This month I hope to find a cello teacher who can come to our house for lessons, and to get together with some other homeschooling mums in my area.

    1. Thank you! The pick-up/drop-off is hectic, but hopefully Emma can move over to the neighborhood school soon. I hope you find a great cello teacher! Homeschooling mum get togethers sound fun.

  3. Ugh that reminds me I have to still schedule our appointment with our tax guy. We’re usually pretty good about doing it right away but we lagged this year. Other goals: host a successful birthday party for the twins and sell a bunch of baby stuff on Craigslist.

    Happy March MaryAnne!

  4. Wow a third class for Johnny!! I really hope a spot for Emma opens up soon and I hope that once all your kids are in the schools they are meant to be in you all feel a bit more settled. I only have one goal for March – establish a better daily routine. We’ve been really struggling to find a good rhythm since our move and it’s playing out with poor sleep habits (for all of us) and very stressful transitions from one activity to the next. I need to really put some effort in with this. I’ll be thinking of you guys at the MKB retreat – I wish I could be there!

    1. That sounds like an excellent goal for March. Moving is hard on everyone!!!

      We missed you at the MKB retreat – hopefully you can make one, someday!

  5. Aw, third class change! I could have sworn I saw him 1.5 weeks ago when I toured the school for k-orientation. Was the change quick? I wonder if he has one of J’s good friends from pre-k in his class. We’ll have to ask next time we see you.

    March is also not looking like a good outdoorsy month, at least starting off! I hope the weather cooperates to help you meet your goal (and for our family to start our garden).

    1. It was very quick – that probably was him! I would love to hear which friend you think it is. So far I have only gotten the name of one classmate out of him!

  6. So glad he’s in a closer school and hoping a spot opens up soon for Emma. I’m hoping to get our trip to the US finalized in the next week and enjoy some friends from home being in S. Africa these next 2 weeks!

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