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Setting Goals Month by Month: April 2014

setting goals month by month - goal linky for April 2014

March was a funny combination of incredible weather and all the colds we somehow managed to escape (for the most part, at least) earlier in the year. Everyone is mostly healthy now, and it is definitely easier to be sick when the sun is shining and temperatures are in the 70s than when there is ice everywhere! Warm weather made it easy to meet my March goal of spending a lot of time outdoors, and the kids spent a lot of time playing games I remember from my own childhood. I hosted a very fun blogger retreat, and taxes are filed. I didn’t finish the skirt, although it is close to being finished. The skirt body is sewn together, but it is supposed to have ruffles, which is a style I don’t normally wear or sew. And, I think, that fact has a lot to do with the skirt not being done, but I plan to finish it in the next day or two. My email boxes didn’t get cleared out much, but I did at least manage to maintain the status quo.

April goals 2014

April Goals:

  • Enjoy Emma and Johnny’s spring break. Theme: gratitude
  • Spend as much time outdoors as possible. Theme: responsibility and gratitude
  • Take more pictures of the kids. My condo only has windows on the ends (and no sun-facing windows. That will be awesome when it gets hot since we don’t have air conditioning, but it’s not the best lighting for pictures. Still, I want to keep taking pictures of my kids, so I need to keep perfecting my low-light photography skills. I also want to get better at bringing my camera when we go places. Theme: gratitude and education

And, I think I’ll leave it at that, in honor of my simplicity theme.

What are your plans for April?

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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

14 thoughts on “Setting Goals Month by Month: April 2014”

  1. I really love reading your monthly goals because they focus always on gratitude and this is a very good reminder for me to focus on that too! Thank you!

  2. Can’t wait to see the skirt when you’re done with it! And I love the themes of simplicity and gratitude. I’m gearing to make things more simple as well.

  3. Owee, I’m so envious of your play time outdoors. But, our time will come! So lovely to hear about the MKB bloggers retreat. I was there in spirit, for sure. I love your goals matched up with themes – such a fabulous way to set our monthly intention. Love it. Thanks for sharing, MaryAnne.

  4. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    Great plans! Our big event in April is going to Mexico with Anna during her spring break. We are going on a cruise, and she is super excited about that. Then we come back directly into Easter and Passover week. It’s going to be a little crazy, so I am taking a small blogging break for my vacation time.

  5. Elisa | blissfulE

    Beautiful cherry blossoms! I notice my kids and I all gravitate toward the natural light coming in whatever window is best oriented during that time of day. Hopefully you’ll be able to stake out some good angles near your windows. Have you tried using reflectors at all, like white poster board or aluminium foil? Of course, all the outdoors time you have planned will make for the best photos, especially during the morning, evening, or under shade.

  6. Very interest in what might be coming up with your multicultural group!
    I can sympathize with the indoor picture problem!
    Have a fun school vacation!

  7. Fantastic Goals this month MaryAnne love the photography one we have a similar problem – We are slowing down and spending more time together. I find myself and the kids constantly rushed, we’re working on the garden a lot hoping to get all of the vegetable garden sorted out to grow pretty much everything we need over the summer months and ready for next winter as well.

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