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Setting Goals for November 2015

setting goals for November 2015

Kite flying was a big hit in our house in October! Our weather continues to be exceptionally warm (82 degrees yesterday) and dry, although it did rain (a little bit) twice this month. November arrives tomorrow, and I really hope that we get some cooler weather and rain!

In terms of October goals, I got cat, fox, bunny, and owl costumes finished in time for the school parties Anna and I spent the day attending on Friday. I finished both of the crochet projects I had been working on since last summer, and started a new project. I still need to mail one of the projects to its owner, but both should appear here in blog land eventually. Here is the first project:

crocus crochet shawl/scarf

This was my first attempt at loose crochet, and my first attempt at lace weight yarn. I used the Crocus Bud Crocheted Shawl pattern, but mine came out looking much more like a scarf than a shawl. I could have blocked it out to look more like a shawl, but it certainly wouldn’t block easily to the intended 16 inches and it makes a lovely scarf and the person I was making it for often wears scarves.

crocus crochet scarf or shawl

So I crocheted it as a scarf and sent it off, unblocked but gorgeously soft and done in such a way that it can be stuffed into a coat pocket if needed and will still work beautifully.

I am afraid that I have not finished cutting out Lily’s quilt, although it is close! I may even finish later today; we will see. I haven’t met my goal of teaching the kids their Jingle Bells trio. They have all practiced their parts on their own, but I need to get them to play together. So I made progress on two goals and completed two.

Setting Goals for November 2015


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Here are my goals for November:

What are you hoping to accomplish this November?

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8 thoughts on “Setting Goals for November 2015”

  1. I SO wish I could crotchet or knit! *Sigh* Someday! I’m always impressed when I see something someone has created! So awesome! And I love your goal list and how you add a character trait to the end of it, so interesting!

    I host a themed weekend long Linky Party every weekend, and this week’s theme is Goals! I’d love for you to Link up! You can find me at xolorey.com if you want to join in!

  2. I really love these posts on setting goals with your emphasis on gratitude. I would like to focus on gratitude and service in November so I better get on it. I want my family and I to serve Thanksgiving to an elder which we have done in the past and find other ways to express gratutitude through service.

  3. Elisa | blissful E

    Wonderful accomplishments! That picture of Anna flying her kite is so precious!

    As usual, I need to get rid of some things… this month it’s big things like my son’s drum kit and a bunch of items that had been unnecessarily lurking in my attic.

  4. Your costumes turned out great! We are going to do some gratitude as well this month. I think we need to be more thankful for what we have.

    I can’t wait to see the quilt!

  5. I need to sit down and start cutting out Christmas presents….. Sigh, it’s not even November and I feel like I’m behind on Christmas stuff.

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