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Setting Goals for December 2013!

getting ready for Christmas - December goals for 2013

The kids and I have been busier than ever with Christmas preparations as we prepare for their first-ever Christmas with no snow! I think we’re compensating for being in a new place and missing snow (but not the cold that goes with snow!) We set up our tree early, and it’s been fun to see one-year-old Anna play with it! We just have IKEA’s little budget artificial tree, which makes for a great play tree (and looks nicer than you might expect it to, although clearly artificial).


I did okay with my November goals. We didn’t do as many structured gratitude activities as I might have liked in November, but our gratitude tree was very popular, and I noticed that seven-year-old Emma had a nice gratitude focus. I got rid of some stuff, but need to do a thorough purging at the beginning of November! Luckily I have a donation commitment, which I find always helps! Having a fantastic way to bike with Anna is definitely helping me get outside more – now I just need to get my three bigger kids riding bikes confidently! I am thrilled to have all of our Christmas shopping done; there are a few gifts I need to get made by hand.

Anna started up Early Intervention here (following up from services she had in Massachusetts, but it takes a while to transfer over). Her physical therapist here is excellent, but there are a lot of questions over why she doesn’t like to use one leg, why she holds her weight strangely on both legs, and why she has poor muscle tone overall. She is making progress, she continues to be a super cheerful kid, and we have a great medical team to work with, so I’m happy about that.

monthly goals linky at mama smiles

Here are my December Goals:

  • Make sure we have plenty of down time as a family. I love moments like this hug from Anna! Focus area: gratitude
  • Continue to simplify, especially belongings. Focus area: gratitude and simplicity
  • Keep the kids focused on giving and gratitude. Focus area: gratitude
  • Get our Christmas card made and sent out. We have the family picture done, at least! Focus area: gratitude (for friends and family)

What are your goals for December 2013? Are you interested in joining in setting monthly goals as a blog hop or linky for 2014?

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

20 thoughts on “Setting Goals for December 2013!”

  1. Oh I hope Anna is okay, she is such a beautiful happy looking baby!
    I also want to get a Christmas card out but I have been so busy with work that I am behind on everything!
    I’ll get it done, I always do : )

    1. I think Anna will be okay, it’s just a matter of finding out what’s up. She is a very happy child!

      Good luck getting everything done this month!

  2. I’m so glad you are happy with Anna’s physical therapist and I hope you get more answers about her preference for one leg soon. Sorting out new doctors has always been a big stress for me when we move. It is such a relief when you find a doctor that is a good fit for you.

  3. hi mary anne! i really, really like the pic of you and anna. i have been on the computer VERY seldomly the last weeks but i have been enjoying the kids and the great amount of sunshine this fall. haven’t checked my e-mail in a long time, too, so i don’t know if you have already written me your new home address. i am also a bit late on filling the whole advent calendar with activities but today we will either play the m and m’S game (i think your kids would like this, too) or craft cards. i have been meaning to write a letter to send out…. thanks for your yearly card. we use them as bookmarks and it is fun for us to come across the different cards throughout the year! :)

  4. Great goals – you are ahead of many, and that’s after moving across the country! We wrote our bucket lists yesterday, and we also want to declutter, make gifts, and give to charity.

  5. Elisa | BlissfulE

    What a gorgeous photo of you and Anna!! Hope you get answers for her soon. I would like to link up my goals next year… If I can get my website launched!

  6. My goals or December for our family are to focus more on giving and being kind to others, rather than on the “getting” mentality that can take hold this season. We are also working on purging, purging, purging. I love your monthly goals. Definitely something I would like to do for the new year for myself. (Beautiful pictures of you and Anna btw)

    1. Thanks, Jen! I would love to have you join in next year! Purging is one of those goals I make over and over – because there is always stuff that needs purging!

  7. My most immediate goals include finishing up my Christmas list by early December and getting our snow gear for our trip to the snow (we don’t have white Christmases either and have to drive for it lol).

  8. I’ve never had a white Christmas. It threatened to snow (rare occurrence) here last winter, but I don’t think it was December. Based on the forecast, it looks like we will get into the 30s at night this week. We’re putting up our tree today. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

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