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Setting Goals for August 2020

I love setting monthly goals to identify priorities and stay focused throughout the month. Learn how I’m setting goals for August 2020.

I love setting monthly goals to identify priorities and stay focused throughout the month. Learn how I'm setting goals for August 2020. #monthlygoals #augustgoals #2020goals #stayfocused #getorganized #prioritize

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A Look at July and Plans for August Monthly Goals

In my head it’s April, but actually we’re a few days into August and school will start back up soon!

Of course, school looks nothing like it normally would due to Covid-19. Our county is on a watch list, which means schools have to open in distance learning mode only this fall.

I was planning to homeschool my two younger girls this fall anyway. I’ve switched my children from public school to homeschool before. I’ve also switched them from homeschool to public school. My two older children want the scant social interaction they will get with online school, and I feel like they can tolerate days full of Zoom meetings better too.

How Was July 2020?

I did okay with my July 2020 goals. We got school plans figured out – homeschooling two out of four children and public schooling the other two. It would be easier to have all four either homeschooling or in school, but that just didn’t work out for this school year.

I edited some photos, but not as many as I probably should have.

I turned my sewing attention to a quilt I planned to make Emma several years ago. We made decent progress, first cutting long strips:

Stitching them together and ironing the seams:

Lily loved the ironing, and Emma was happy to share!

Then I cut the strips into blocks:

Now I need to cut those squares in half to form triangles, and stitch the triangles together.

I also sewed a few more face masks.

We baked a yummy cake for Emma’s very late birthday celebrate, and I turned forty!

The kids put together some fantastic Comic Con costumes that I plan to blog about soon.

I enjoyed swimming and walking my dog.

We ran our at home summer camp up until the last week of July, and it was a huge hit. The kids want to find a way to continue it through the school year…

Setting Goals for August 2020

I love setting monthly goals to identify priorities and stay focused throughout the month. Learn how I'm setting goals for August 2020.

My big August news is that I got a book deal! I’ll be working on that a LOT during both August and September, so I need to keep my other goals pretty simple.

Here’s what I hope to accomplish this month:

  • Write about half of my book. It’s a short-ish book that kids will write in (more details later), so that should be doable. Focus areas: education and gratitude
  • Keep sewing Emma’s quilt. I find quilt making relaxing, and Emma will love sleeping under the finished product. Focus area: mindfulness
  • Stitch together a dress for Anna using a pattern I agreed to test. Focus areas: education
  • Edit photos! I really want to catch up on our family photos. I’m so good at editing client photos, but I let our family pictures slide all too often. Focus area: gratitude
  • Celebrate Mykel, Anna, and Lily’s birthdays! August is a big birthday month in our house. Focus area: gratitude
  • Keep swimming, and keep going on walks. Focus area: gratitude and mindfulness
  • Settle the kids into a school at home routine. They will be all doing school at home, even the ones who will remain enrolled in our public school system, because that is our only option for this fall. Focus area: education
  • Sew more face masks. Because they always seem to be needed somewhere, by someone. Focus area: gratitude

Hmm that list didn’t end up as short as I hoped. We’ll see how this month goes!

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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. Commenting is back!
    I missed that on my first read through.
    I can’t wait to see more of your quilt. I’m curious how you’ll be using the triangles.
    I’ve been working on a mystery quilt all year, and this month I went to work on this month’s quilt, which needs part of another block for it, and I can’t find that block!
    I’m rather annoyed because I really liked how the quilt was turning out, and I might need to go pick up more fabric because I’m short of fabric for a couple of colors.

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