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Setting Goals for August 2015


July was a beautiful month to celebrate summer in our house! We celebrated my birthday by visiting tide pools, enjoyed a visit from my sister who lives in China, and then flew out to Massachusetts to visit another sister and old friends while Mike worked at his old job. Then we hosted my nephew and Mike’s cousin for a week so they could learn some programming from Mike and teach my kids about science. Johnny was beyond thrilled to have two more boys in the house for a week!

July turned out to be a pretty busy month. The kids did well with their practicing schedule, and it is exciting to see how much progress they are making on violin and piano. Emma really wants to learn to play cello, but I need to find a 1/2 size cello for her. I worked on it some this month, but didn’t get anywhere. We didn’t get snail mail letters written this month, though, and there is still a lot of organizing and decluttering that needs to happen!

Setting Goals for August 2015


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Here are my goals for August

  • Make the most of a family reunion. Character trait: thankful
  • Celebrate Lily, Mike, and Anna’s birthdays. Character trait: thankful 
  • Help the kids settle into the new school year. Character trait: curious and helpful
  • Enjoy a visit from my parents for a few days after the family reunion. Character trait: thankful
  • Enjoy a visit with my youngest sister. Character trait: thankful

And I’m going to stop there! There are other things that I want to get done, but these are my priorities for the month. Some of the other stuff will get done, and some of it won’t. Life will go on.

What are you hoping to get done in August?

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

11 thoughts on “Setting Goals for August 2015”

  1. I love that you write out your goals for the month ahead of time. I have simply put it on a list of things to do but your way seems much more relaxing. My goals for August are to finish putting together our home school curriculum for my kids 8th & 6th grade that I started in July. Finish decorating our school room (all that I have now are a few desks and a couple of maps). And find a photography class for me to start this fall. :)

  2. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    How fun to have so many birthdays in one month! Enjoy your family reunion – I remember your previous posts on it, and it always looks like a blast.

  3. Elisa | blissfulE

    Cello (and violin) teachers are a terrific resource for finding places that hire or sell cellos. I’m sure you would have looked at eBay and Craigslist as well. I’m used to things being hard to get here in 5-hour-flight-from-anywhere Perth, but I’m hoping your string search will be easier!

    We are just back from our holiday, and after surviving quite well having packed less than ever, I’m on another decluttering kick here at home. I also have an eye exam scheduled for this month as I noticed a change during and after this fifth pregnancy.

  4. Christina @There's Just One Mommy

    Sounds like July was a busy month!
    I love your goals for August — hope those birthdays are wonderful!

    My goals for August? I have surgery planned for tomorrow. I’m hoping to get back to writing (life got busy and I haven’t posted in a while), finish my classes to renew my license, and I need to get plans made for our second year of homeschool. August promises to be busy!

  5. What an awesome month for you MaryAnne! I love having visitors, and my kids enjoy extra company as well. In August, it’s all about transitioning to school, especially the toddlers as this is their first time going to preschool. Blog-wise, I’m still cranking out my book and hoping to get that completely edited by early September. And family-wise, spend as much of our weekends doing summer time things. Today we went on a boat and tomorrow it’s off to the beach!

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