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September 2020 Monthly Goals

Setting goals for September 2020. I use monthly goals to choose priorities for my life and to set personal goals.

September 2020 monthly goals

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A Look at August as We Head Into September

It’s hard to remember the first half of August, because we’ve been scrambling (still are) to fix lightning damage to our house since that big lightning storm that started all of those California wildfires during the night of August 15th-16th. As I write, we still have no HVAC system. So no AC, no heating, and no easy way to ventilate the house. Add in smoky air that makes it unsafe to open the windows much of the time, and you have quite the adventure.

But now I look back and I remember that we DID celebrate Mike, Anna, and Lily‘s birthdays. We all swam a lot whenever air quality allowed (hooray for neighborhood pools!), and I kept walking the dog with my son.

walking the dog - monthly goals

Back to School went shockingly well in my house! I guess the universe realized that we had enough on our plates.

Setting a schedule for homeschool and distance learning

My son helped his younger sisters make schedules, and they are doing a good job of following those. He and my oldest daughter are in our public school distance learning program this fall. My two younger daughters are homeschooling.

Our dog really loves having everyone home all day every day.

Distance Learning and September Goals

I sewed some face masks for my middle school daughter that I want to blog about this month. I find it REALLY hard to find face masks that fit my 11-year-old and 12-year-old, so hopefully a hack I discovered (but need to blog) will help other parents who are struggling as well.

I edited some photos, but not as many as I wanted to.

Sewing goals - Nightingale ruffle dress

I did sew Anna’s dress, and she loves it! I love making things my children love.

Starting to sew the Kite Flight Quilt

I also made a little bit of progress on Emma’s quilt.

So far I’m making all of my book deadlines, which makes me really happy!

September 2020 Monthly Goals

My September Goals are similar to those I set for August:

  • Finish the first draft of my book. Focus areas: education and gratitude
  • Keep sewing Emma’s quilt. It’s exciting to watch it come together, and I’m hoping to complete the quilt top this month. Focus area: mindfulness
  • Edit photos! I have family photos from 2018 that still need to be edited. I’ve made it up to December, so only one month in that year left. Then I’ll tackle 2019! Focus area: gratitude
  • Keep swimming, and keep going on walks. Focus area: gratitude and mindfulness
  • Maintain the homeschool and distance learning routine that is working so well in our home right now. I’m also hoping to blog about my children’s study spaces. Focus area: education
  • Put together this Presidential Election Lapbook with my kids. Focus area: education
  • Write up a tutorial on how I’m making existing face masks fit my tweens who are too large for the children’s masks. You can just make a smaller pleated mask, but this hack is different. Focus area: gratitude

It’s a slightly shorter list than last month, but still plenty to keep me busy!

What are your goals for September 2020?

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