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Sensory Friendly Shoes Help Kids’ Brains

Sensory friendly shoes kids will love – and that they can wear anywhere. Did you know that the sensory friendly shoes can help your child’s brain?

These shoes will take your kids wherever they want to go.

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I travel a lot with my kids, and I’ve learned that kids with comfortable feet are much more cheerful thank kids whose feet hurt! I switched over to wearing Vivobarefoot shoes myself a couple years ago, so I was intrigued when they contacted me offering their kids’ shoes for my children to review.

Update 4/18/2019: Vivobarefoot is currently offering free shipping on ALL orders!

Sensory Friendly Shoes Help Kids’ Brains!

Did you know that your child’s feet have  up to 200,000 nerve endings? No wonder they complain when shoes aren’t comfortable! Most shoes restrict sensory input that kids need to learn about and respond to their environment. Kids gain the most sensory input by walking around barefoot. Unfortunately, sometimes that isn’t safe and other times it isn’t allowed. That’s where companies like Vivobarefoot step in.

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The Ultimate Sensory Friendly Shoes for Kids

The perfect adventuring shoes for kids

We received four pairs of shoes to review. Emma got to try out the Wyn Mary-jane style shoe. Johnny, Lily, and Anna got to give the Ultra Kids water-resistant shoes to test out.

Awesome sensory friendly shoes for active kids

If you have active kids, these are the shoes for you! The Vivobarefoot Ultra Kids shoes can even be worn in water! The thin soles allow kids to feel the ground under their feet while providing the protection of any other shoe. They have a closed toe, which makes them school-approved.

My kids LOVE these shoes!

My daughter Emma loves her new Wyn shoes so much that she wrote up her own review:

I really like my shoes. I can feel the ground, and that is nice because then it is like I am barefoot but without having to worry about broken glass or thorns. They are also pretty and comfy. I can run well in them, and I like that because I like to run. But since they are pretty then you can wear them to fancy things like weddings and then you can also play in them. And you don’t have to wear uncomfortable shoes to weddings. That is definitely good.

Have you ever tried Vivobarefoot shoes? How about your kids? Do your kids go barefoot at home? My kids take theirs off as soon as they walk in the door! Please share your exprience in the comments. You can also drop a note on my Facebook page, or tag me on Twitter or Instagram

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    1. You can buy them online direct from Vivobarefoot – that’s how we got ours. I wear their adult shoes and really like them. They are SUPER flexible, and they have great traction. All of my kids like theirs.

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