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Sensory Friendly Crazy Hair Day Fun!

This sensory friendly crazy hair do is perfect for kids who want to do something for crazy hair day, but don’t generally like to have their hair played it.

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sensory friendly crazy hair day option

Emma’s school recently had crazy hair day. She (rather sensibly) doesn’t like things that poke or smell funny, and we needed an easy option because she remembered as we were headed out the door! So we grabbed a handful of pipe cleaners and twisted them in and out of her hair. Super easy, instant crazy hair day up-do! I’d love to try this again, twisting the pipe cleaners to look like something – maybe a butterfly or a small animal – on a day when we aren’t running out the front door! We got the idea from Emma’s classmate who dressed up as Pippi Longstocking for Halloween – and used pipe cleaners to make her braids stick out!

It was very cool to see what everyone came up with. Several kids had their hair spiked and colored. One girl’s mom had put plastic cups on her head and pulled ponytails over! A little girl in Johnny’s kindergarten class had a pom pom with googly eyes in her hair – adorable!

Do you have a favorite crazy hair day ‘do?

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17 thoughts on “Sensory Friendly Crazy Hair Day Fun!”

  1. PS – I forgot to add that I love your idea with pipecleaners. And this turkey puzzle was my favorite from the last week as well :)

  2. Our school has a relatively lame crazy hair day. The most interesting I saw was a boy with elaborate spikes. Many kids including Anna don’t do anything at all – she doesn’t like to have anything in her hair.

  3. I’ve never heard of crazy hair day, but I’m very impressed with what you came up with while running out the door!!

  4. Cute hair, Emma! When J has crazy hair day, we end up giving him tiny little pony tails. He loves it! I tried hair spray paint when he was really little, and it irritated his scalp pretty badly (took almost a year to fully recover). I also did the pipe cleaner thing as Pipi one year in college. Thicker floral wire seemed to work better for thicker hair (but it’s not soft, fuzzy, and colorful).

    1. Love that idea for boys – I’ll have to see if Johnny’s interested next time round! That’s good to know about the hair spray paint – Emma’s skin reacts to just about anything so I wouldn’t have tried on her, but I think I’ll keep away from it for all my kids now.

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