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A Scuba Diver Look at Ocean Fish

Learn about ocean fish through the eyes of a scuba diver with this wonderful non-fiction elementary ocean science book for children.

learn about ocean fish from a scuba diver

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Using Non-Fiction Books to Teach Elementary Science

This year my 8-year-old has been learning all about ocean fish thanks to Tam Warner Minton. This avid scuba diver created a series of books about the fish you find in the ocean, complete with beautiful photographs.

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Learn About Ocean Fish from a Scuba Diver

What do you think of when you think about ocean fish? I picture flying fish, puffer fish, and the colorful fish you find tourists photograph during shallow scuba dives in coral reefs.

All Fish Faces (which I wrote about here) and More Fish Faces go WAY beyond this.

What Kind of Fish Are In This Book?

learn about fish

You do see the standard beautiful fish.

ocean fish children's book

But you also see some really fascinating fish!

Reading the book More Fish Faces

Colorful photos are matched with fun facts.

Anna found the seahorse facts and photos especially fascinating. There is a ton of variety in the seahorse world! And did you know that there are pipefish? How about scorpionfish and trumpet fish? This book includes photos of all of these fish!

How Is This Book Different From All Fish Faces?

How is this book different from All Fish Faces, also written by Tam Warner Minton? The answer is in the title! You get to learn about all new fish.

More Fish Faces Discount

Buy this book with a 20% discount by emailing the author. This discount is also valid for All Fish Faces. Details here.

More Fish Faces Giveaway

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I hope your kids enjoy this book as much as 8-year-old Anna has!

Ocean fish scuba diver book

What questions would you ask a scuba diver about ocean fish if you could?

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