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Science with Daddy: New Buds

A budding branch from our willow tree

Emma learned a lot about buds last year through our Japanese Maple Tree study. We still have snow on the ground, but the trees are budding, clearly ready for spring to arrive! This year Mike brought in some tiny buds from our willow tree for the kids to examine.

Emma and Mike examine tree buds

They pinched them apart with their fingers, and examined what looked like tiny flowers inside.

Lily examines a tree bud

Maybe next year we’ll have a microscope so we can get a really close look at them! Anyone have a microscope they love?

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8 thoughts on “Science with Daddy: New Buds”

  1. I did this with the kids with our bradford pears last month. It was fun.

    Love Lily’s sweet face and cheeks in that last picture.

  2. I’d forgotten about the pocket microscope that Leah recommended. We’ve got a cool magnifying glass, but no microscope yet……

    Emphasis on yet.

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