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Science for Littles: Weighing

Great toddler and preschooler math and science activity: weigh different household items and record and compare data.

A couple weeks ago, we pulled out our kitchen scale and measured a bunch of household items. It made a great toddler and preschooler math and science activity! Emma did a great job recording her data. I’m not convinced that she understands what it means to weigh something, but it’s a start! This is a simple activity that we can do over and over as the kids grow older, and their understanding of what is happening will grow with each repetition. Emma weighed a pocket dictionary that she has been carrying around, a small snowman, an apple, and a pair of sunglasses. We kept this round short, because I want this to be something they look forward to doing.

Weighing Household Items: A Great Toddler and Preschooler Math and Science Activity

Weighing and measuring household items is a great toddler and preschooler math and science activity that also allows kids to practice writing letters and numbers.

Johnny weighed a stuffed gingerbread man, a stuffed snowman, an apple, and his sunglasses. He didn’t really understand the exercise, but he got some letter, number, and equal sign practice in. He’s doing really well with his letters, and it’s nice for him to want to write them on paper instead of typing them on the computer!

weighing and measuring - a great toddler and preschooler math and science activity

Lily put her own artistic spin on the entire project. Most importantly, all three kids had fun learning together!

What science activities have your kids been enjoying?

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  1. I love how Johnny is wearing his bear suit. I wish I could get away with wearing a bear suiit while I do math.

  2. Your kids really have art in their blood – look at Lily :) This is such a great activity for little ones.

  3. Your kids are so smart Mary Anne!! I will be very interested to see how Emma does with 5K, because she is going to be smarter than her teacher:-). Seriously though, she is going to be a very advanced girl. You do so much with your kids and you are an awesome mom and teacher! They are so blessed to have you!

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