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Review: New, improved Moon Dough!

Emma plays with moon dough

About a year ago, Team Mom sent me some of Spin Master’s Moon Dough to try out. We loved the texture and its ability to mold beautifully, but it was super crumbly (read the original review here).

Well, Spin Master listened to their reviews and changed their dough recipe! Then they offered us (once again via Team Mom) a go at the new Moon Dough!

Lily and Emma play with moon dough

I don’t know what they changed, but it is MUCH better! It still molds beautifully, and it’s still soft, but no more crumbs! My cousin and his wife and three (soon to be four!) kids came to stay with us over Labor Day. All six kids (aged six and under, what a party!) were so enthralled with this stuff that they were carrying it all over the house. No crumbs!

All three kids play with moon dough

The new moon dough I would definitely give as a gift for a 3-6-year-old. It’s hypoallergenic, never dries out, and – now that it is less crumbly – it can be shaped by little hands as well as with the included (very fun and easy to use) molds!

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10 thoughts on “Review: New, improved Moon Dough!”

  1. It looks like something one would really have to touch to understand. I’ll have to try some out with JC when he gets a little older.

  2. I bet the ocean creatures were fun to play with! I’ve been really happy with how well the new Moon Dough keeps ER occupied. She wants to play with it all the time. Looks like it kept everyone busy at your home too.

  3. They’re so cute. What a good teamwork do they have!It looks like something one would really have to touch to understand.

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