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Review: Clic-It Smart Diaper Bag System


I believe in getting out and living with my kids. To that end, I have a deep appreciation for anything that makes baby and toddler transportation easier. I admire strollers, baby carriers, and diaper bags the way your stereotypical guy admires sports cars, so I was thrilled to try out the new Clic-It Smart Diaper Bag System for Team Mom!

My verdict? This bag’s a winner! I’m already planning out how to pack it as the diaper bag for our December cross-country flight! Here’s why:

  • Lots of pockets: This means I can separate out the kids’ activities, spare outfits, diapers, and wipes, so I won’t be digging through the bag desperately when Johnny requests his green bear.
  • Clips onto the stroller: Coats will fit in the basket, and I’m not digging under the stroller every time I need anything.
  • Nice size: Large enough to hold diapers for Johnny and Lily, PJs (my go-to spare outfit solution) for all three kids, the netbook, coloring books, crayons, and a few small toys.
  • The main compartment zips shut: So when I put it through the security x-ray machine at the airport I won’t be worried about things falling out.
  • There are outside pockets that do not zip shut: For things that I need to put in and take out a million times.
  • Accessories:
    • You only pay for the accessories you care about, since they are sold separately from the bag.
    • They clip onto the bag, and can attach to the outside or the inside.
    • Since they detach, they can be moved into a smaller bag for shorter outings without having to re-pack the entire diaper bag.
    • The lining of the changing mat is really soft.

The bag is quite large, so I won’t be using it as my everyday bag (although I would have when Lily was a smaller baby and I was carrying around more blankets, outfits, baby food, etc.) I’m also not a huge lime green girl, but that’s not a problem; I can zip off the lime green messenger flap if I’m feeling vain (I tend to favor practicality over fashion, but you never know), and the piping, subtle as it is, is only on the accessories, not the bag itself. I would like to see Clic-It toy accessory loops, so that I could attach toys to the diaper bag’s clip system.

Intrigued? Why not enter Clic-It’s “Gearing Up for Baby” contest? Go here to read all the details about the giveaway!

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. I could have used one of those the last five years! I never really found a bag I loved. But…no worries because, hip hip hooray, we are done with diapers…for the most part ;-)
    .-= mama king´s last blog ..The Newest King =-.

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