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Review and Giveaway: Good Night, Little Sea Otter

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations, Carolsue!

Good Night Little Sea Otter by Janet Halfmann illustrated by Wish Williams

Award-winning author Janet Halfmann’s newest book, Good Night, Little Sea Otter, was an instant hit with all three of my kids – so much so that Emma made a rare request that we re-read it as soon as we finished it the first time round. The illustrations by Wish Williams are darling, and they convey the feeling of the gently flowing text beautifully. The story is simple: a little sea otter just has to say good night to everyone before he can go to sleep. I enjoyed the alliterations in the text, as well as the story and pictures, and I learned something new: sea otters wrap themselves in seaweed to sleep so they won’t float away! Emma paid close attention to the words, and I have a feeling she will be “reading” (reciting) this book soon. Lily was all about the baby animals. Johnny insisted that the sea otters were bears, not sea otters – which just goes to show just how much my bear-loving son adored this book. And no wonder – like the little sea otter, Johnny becomes incredibly chatty come bed time!

I received a copy of this book to review, and the publisher is offering a second, SIGNED COPY to a reader of this blog with a US mailing address! To enter, just share an animal fact you find interesting!

This giveaway will run until 9am US Eastern Time February 3rd, when a winner will be chosen using random.org.

For another chance to win, check out the giveaway at Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile.

MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

23 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway: Good Night, Little Sea Otter”

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  2. Sea Otters use so much energy that they need to eat as much as one-third of their weight each day. I’d love to win this book!
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  3. This looks like a very cute book. I know my girls, Anna (4) and Lily (2) would love this :) Did you know that baby Orangutans stay with their mom for as long as 8 years?

  4. We just got ours in the mail to read and review, it’s out on our nightstand to read tonight. We’ve loved all our other titles by Janet so I’m sure this will be a hit too. E is especially eager to read it as she loved watching the otters swimming at the Shed in Chicago last spring. We never see them frisky at the Detroit Zoo so it was her first time seeing why people like those little critters so much. My facination with them began when we used to see them swimming around off the coast in California.

  5. My 6 yr old grandson is helping himself learn to read (besides school) by sounding out unfamiliar words on his own (much to his grandma’s delight!), and would love this book. He lives way out in the country in Missouri, and loves animals so much that their 3 cats and 2 dogs follow them to and from the school bus stop every day! Did you know that a duck’s quack does not echo?

    Thanks for the chance to win this adorable book!

  6. What a cute book and cute idea to include the animal facts! We are studying mammals and my son loves the facts we’ve been learning. Did you know that 18 newborn opossums can fit in 1 teaspoon!!

  7. Thanks so much for the great review of my book. I loved reading what each of your children liked about the book. And thanks to everyone who has stopped by. What interesting animal facts! Happy Reading and Happy Dreams to All!

  8. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog

    I’ve heard that a tiger’s roar can be heard from up to 2 miles away!

    Thanks for the chance! :-)

  9. The books sounds lovely. An interesting fact about animals – sloths live in the trees but come down for one purpose – to poop. Anna found this fact hugely fascinating :)

  10. Elisa | blissfulE

    What a great review! I love how this book appealed to all three of your children in different ways!

    I found it interesting that a huge Australian redback spider would not budge from her spot guarding her egg sack, even when my husband lifted the cushion she and her egg sack were on, and her life was clearly in danger (and soon extinguished). We discovered three more egg sacks near where she had been. I hadn’t thought of spiders as maternal, but this one clearly was.

  11. I think my Emma would love this book, too! I’ve always found it interesting that hippos, big as they are, can run quite fast. To outrun a hippo, you run in a zigzag because they are only fast when they run in a straight line! Can you tell I’ve lived in Africa??

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