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Review and Giveaway: Box Tops for Education

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations, Patricia!


Box Tops For Education started in 1996, but I never knew much about the program – in spite of clipping them to donate to various schools over the years. I’ve always felt that Box Tops were a nice way to get even the youngest students involved in supporting their school, and it was neat to see what different schools have purchased with the funds. Success stories ranged from classroom supplies and field trips to gym floors and playgrounds.

I’ve always seen Box Tops on food items, but I learned that they can be found on office supplies as well. And, now you can earn eBox Tops by shopping online through the Box Tops Marketplace! You choose which school you want to support from a menu on the website, so if you want you can easily support a relative’s school even if it is far away, or a school that is particularly in need of resources. It took me a couple tries to find the school I was looking for through the search form, so don’t give up too quickly!

In the future, I would love to have the option of supporting multiple schools, as well as the opportunity to put Box Tops towards particular projects. And I’m hoping that some day those little coupons will be replaced with codes I can enter online instead of having to keep track of tiny pieces of cardboard!

Box Tops for Education sent us a lovely collection of Box Tops products through MyBlogSpark, and they are offering an identical gift bag to a US resident reading this blog! The very generous package includes products from Cascadian Farms, Ziploc, AVERY, and more. If you would like a chance to win, simply answer this question: Have you clipped Box Tops before? Do you have a success story to share?

This giveaway will run until 9am Boston time Thursday, April 28th, when a winner will be chosen via random.org. A new winner will be chosen if the original winner does not reply to their email within 48 hours.

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

21 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway: Box Tops for Education”

  1. I clip them now for our neighborhood elementary school. My son is not a student there yet, but he will be!!

  2. I don’t have school-age children, but I think the Box Tops for Education program is a simple way to contribute to children’s educations and provide much-needed supplies :) I enrolled long ago and share my box tops with families who have school-age children. *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  3. Yes, I clip them all the time and I ask my family and friends to save them for me. I used to work in a school and we purchased playground equipment from boxtops.

  4. We clip Box Tops, and several of our neighbors collect them for us as well, which means twice a year we turn in more than $100 to our school!

  5. I’m actually the Boxtops coordinator for my kids’ school, and I have rallied our family and friends to send us theirs. We have a popcorn party for the top three classes (which more than pays for itself) and the money we collect from BTFE helps to reimburse teachers for their out-of-pocket classroom spending – which sometimes includes school supplies for children from poor families.

  6. I have been clipping Box Tops since the first time I saw them in @’97. I also signed my school up and became the coordinator that year. Here I am 14 years later and still the coordinator! Our first check was @$20. This year’s check will be over $1,400!

  7. My wife is the Box Tops Coordinator for our school and since she went back to work I’ve become Box Top Dad. I keep a bag on the door of the fridge for all our box tops. I try and cut them as small as possible to I don’t have to trim them later. before I take out the cardboard recycling I always give everything one last look.

  8. My daughter’s class just won the boxtop competition at her school. I’m sure our contribution of around 250 boxtops helped! :)

  9. I do clip them and put them in a gallon ziploc bag hanging on the side of my fridge. I’ve noticed it seems the boxtops have gotten smaller and less conveniently placed (most times I actually have to get the scissors and clip instead of ripping them off from a box flap). My 1st grader likes to point out Box Tops when we go to the store… hey, if it keeps him happy and cooperative.

  10. I always wanted to clip them but haven’t yet.
    My oldest will start first grade this year and I am looking forward to collect the boxtops for the school.
    It’s a great idea and online program will make it even easier.
    Thank you for sharing this information, I will share it with other mom’s!
    I’d be exited to receive their package and encourage others to participate!

  11. I clip box tops all the time. I just added up the latest bunch that I sent in to school… almost $10. Every little bit helps.
    momofquads at gmail dot com

  12. What a fun give away. I’ve clipped tops but never really followed through with doing anything with them, so I’m happy to learn more about the program. (PS Happy Easter!)

  13. I have been clipping boxtops both as a mom and a teacher, I was even Box Top Coordinator on the PTA for a few years. Our school was able to upgrade our playground and purchase many items for our students throughout the years. It is a small task to help schools in a big way.

    fingers crossed……

  14. Oh, yes! I definitely clip box tops for the kid’s school. Having an online code to enter would be a genius idea! I’ve gotten catalina coupons before with a code for box tops that I entered online and it was so nice! I don’t have a success story but I love that it’s a small way I can help my kid’s school.

  15. I have, but I’ve never donated them to a school–I just used to play with them as a kid!

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