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Repurposing clothing: no-sew doll carrier

I took an old women’s swimsuit, cut off the top and bottom…
And voila, a carrier for Emma’s baby doll! Nothing fancy, but she loves it.

Now she can care for her baby hands-free :)

Is it as nice as a sewn doll carrier? Of course not, but it keeps my daughter happy and that’s what matters!

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

6 thoughts on “Repurposing clothing: no-sew doll carrier”

    1. Cut the top and bottom if a one-piece swimsuit, and you are left with a tube of stretchy fabric that turns into the sling. You fold that tube in half to make the little pouch for the baby, and it goes over one of the child’s shoulders and under the other.

      Does that make sense, or is it still confusing?

  1. Arrghhh! That’s devastatingly cute! I’m in the middle of sewing up a load of velcro fastening mini cloth diapers for my two year old for Christmas, but if I can dig out the old maternity swim suit she might end up with a baby carrier now too!Love the blog. I blog a similar subject matter and only started back in May. Check out the fuzzy felts we made now that you have a felt board for the kids.

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