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Denim Door Draft Blocker Sewing Tutorial – Upcycle Old Jeans

Step by step sewing tutorial for turning an old pair of jeans into a DIY denim door draft blocker to keep out the cold.

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I decided we needed something a little heavier duty than my oven draft solution for the front door. I’m pleased with the end result.

using old jeans to block drafts

How to Make a Denim Door Draft Blocker

Stitch the legs of one pair of old jeans together and stuffed loosely with other cast-off clothing. You can use stuffing, too, of course, but old clothes or rags are a more frugal solution. Fabric is also a little heavier than stuffing, so the door draft blocker stays in place better, too.

I used my sewing machine to stitch the ends shut, but you could do this by hand. It just takes a little longer…

And that’s all you have to do!

It keeps the cold air out, stays in place, and doesn’t show dirt.

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