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A Fun Way for Kinesthetic Learners to Practice Spelling Words

Spelling comes more easily to some children than others. This kinesthetic spelling practice activity proved transformational for my eight-year-old!

Kinesthetic Spelling Practice

A Fun Way for Kinesthetic Learners to Practice Spelling Words #spelling #literacy #homework #homeschool #homeworkhelp

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My eight-year-old daughter Lily hates traditional spelling work, although she enjoys cursive copywork that I download for her from SchoolhouseTeachers.com. She wanted to mix things up, though, and I know she is a kinesthetic learner who also loves pretty things. Felt letter boards are all the rage right  now, so I decided to get one and give that approach a try.

A fun way for kinesthetic learners to practice spelling words

She loved it! It was fun to see her go from dragging her feet to noticing patterns in the lesson’s spelling words.

Use a letter board to practice #spelling words. Why didn't I think of this before?! #homeworkhacks #homework #homeschool

Five-year-old Anna is still working on learning the alphabet and letter names. It turns out this letter board is great for that as well!

Learn the alphabet using a letter board

More Fun Ways to Use a Letter Boards with Kids

There are lots of fun ways to use felt letter boards with kids! Here are a few we’ve discovered:

  • Practice math facts.
  • Leave each other silly messages.
  • Write a quote of the day.
  • Compose name poems.
  • Write up the day’s schedule.

More Fun Ways to Practice Spelling Words

Spelling doesn’t have to be a task children dread! Here are some more fun ways to practice spelling words:

Of course, all of these ideas also help children develop letter recognition, as well! I love finding activities that work for different children with different skill levels!

What are your favorite ways to help kids practice spelling words? Do you have more suggestions of fun ways to use our letter board? Let me know in the comments, or on my Facebook page or by tagging me on Twitter or Instagram

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  1. This is such a great, fun idea that removes the hard work of forming the words and allows them to spell in a more fun way. I really like this approach!

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