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Play-doh play mat

Play-doh is one of the things we use nearly daily in our home. We recently purchased this clear plastic desk protector from IKEA for $5.99 to use as a play surface when our kids are playing with watercolors, finger paints, etc. This morning, I realized that, since it was clear, paper could be placed under it to create a play mat. I decided that we should create a base for a Play-doh town.

The kids helped draw streets and grass areas on butcher paper :


Then we placed our artwork under the desk protector and set up our town:20090107_0639 I forgot about our resident King Kong (aka Johnny)


Who quickly reduced our town to rubble:


Next time I’ll put the mat on the table so that “King Kong” can only reach part of the town.

I really like the possibilities this creates of having many different play-doh play mats that we create. I think we’ll try a restaurant play mat with place settings and/or a stovetop, a train station, an airport… the possibilities are endless.

MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

7 thoughts on “Play-doh play mat”

  1. I posted our version of this project today and linked to your original post. thanks for the great idea.

  2. what great great ideas. this is already the third link I’ve followed (came here originally from Lorraine’s tip at ikatbag) and I HAVE STUFF TO DO THIS EVENING besides see all these great ideas!! : ) so i better go, but hope to come back and visit again soon!

  3. You have the most wonderful ideas for you children. I enjoy reading to find out what you are doing new.

  4. I am constantly amazed at the ideas you have for your kids. This is another of those great ideas.

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