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Picture Books My Preschooler Loves

Picture books my preschooler loves! Both favorites from books published in 2017 we were sent to review and library picks.

Books My Preschooler Loves

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My four-year-old daughter Anna LOVES books. She will sit and read them with me for hours on end, and then she will “read” through them herself. Anna doesn’t know how to read beyond recognizing family names. Sometimes she narrates the story as closely as she can remember. Other times, she makes up an alternate storyline, or gives a running commentary on her opinion of the different characters’ actions. Other times she examines and comments on the illustrations. All of these non-reading activities are actually building the skills she will need to become an expert reader and writer one day. As she retells stories and examines characters and pictures, she is developing her understanding of story structure, plot, and character development.

I asked Anna to put together a collection of books that she really likes to read right now. I’m sharing this list with you today. Several of the books were published in 2017, and we were sent copies to review. We get a lot of books to review in the mail; these are the ones that made Anna’s cut. Other titles you will recognize as children’s classics.

Preschool Picture Books

Anna pores over the tricolor illustrations in All in a Day. I love the book’s mindful noticing of what happens during a single day.

Charlie Rides is the perfect book for children who are fascinated by transportation. The father-son theme is fun, too.

I Lost My Sock is a very silly book that appealed to Anna’s love of absurd humor.

A Good Day for a Hat is another absurd humor story. The bear, Mr. Brown, has a hat for everything, but every time he steps outside wearing what should be the appropriate hat, the situation changes. Anna loves his solution to the problem.

So Many Feet is an adorable board book featuring the feet of different types of animals, and how those feet help the animals do the things they need to do.

If I Were a Kangaroo is a darling picture book about how different baby animals go to sleep. This book makes a wonderful baby present. It is also bound to be a hit with toddlers as well as preschoolers.

Old Tracks, New Tricks is a book published by a blog friend of mine. It brings train tracks to life in fun new ways. It also inspired Anna to give some of our train tracks a makeover:

Picture Book Series My Preschooler Loves

Ladybug Girl Series

All of my girls have enjoyed the Ladybug Girl series. Anna loves the original, plus these sequels:

Hello Kitty Storybook Collection

Hello Kitty has a charm that seems to universally appeal to children. The Storybook Collection offers a very gentle look at classic fairytales. Anna has enjoyed these titles from the series, so far:

I hope you enjoy some of these books my preschooler loves! Do you have recommendations that we should grab on our next library visit? Please share in the comments below, or on my Facebook page. You can also tag me on Instagram

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  1. I’m so glad she loves to read! Most of her books are new to me! I need to make a library trip!

  2. The kids and I all love absurd humor books, and that has translated over into the occasional absurb humor chapter book.

    Ladybug Girl books are always a hit here.

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