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Picture Books for Kids and Adults

Library Lion
wins the comfort book award for this week! I thought we were all done being sick (for a while, at least), but Emma came down with a fever Thursday afternoon and was too sick to do much of anything on Friday. Her one request? That I read this book! There is something incredibly charming about a helpful library lion, and the illustrations are lovely. Plus, the book teaches a nice lesson about why there are sometimes exceptions to rules. I think I may have requested this book after reading about it somewhere else, but I couldn’t find the blog post. If you know, please leave a comment with the link?

Fast Food is one of several Saxton Freymann and Joost Eiffers books that we borrowed from the library thanks to Marie’s comment on our Cute Snacks Kids Can Make blog post. We’ve enjoyed all of them, but I’m quite partial to the cars and moving vehicles – what’s not to love about an airplane made from a banana and a watermelon ocean liner?!

You’ve Got Dragons
is one of those rare picture books with stories that appeal to young children but can teach a serious lesson to older children and adult readers. The story gently gives advice on dealing with whatever troubles are consuming your life – accompanied with beautifully imaginative illustrations. This is another book that I think I requested after reading about it somewhere else – if you know where, please comment with the link?

A Bear and His Boy
caught my eye because Johnny is a boy who loves bears, but this is another book with a story my children found engaging and a message for me as the adult reader: basically, that it’s important to live life at a child’s pace sometimes, especially if you want to actually live.

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16 thoughts on “Picture Books for Kids and Adults”

  1. You’ve Got Dragons sounds very interesting indeed. Thanks (belatedly!) for linking up last week.

  2. We love the library lion- such a cute book! Hope your little one is feeling better- so much going around this time of year.

    Creative and Curious Kids!

    1. My kids haven’t done that, and I’m a little surprised. Maybe because Emma makes the food art in this house =)

  3. These sound lovely. I’m going to look for all of them. We need some comforting, cozy books here these days! Hope Emma is feeling better!!

  4. I LOVE children’s books, so I always love reading new ones, especially ones already tested on kids! My boys have loved all your recommendations! Thanks! We’re looking forward to checking out these ones too!

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