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Great Picture Books About Journeys for Kids

Great Picture Books About Journeys for Kids. Wonderful picture books featuring different types of journeys that kids will love teachers and parents reading with them.

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Great Picture Books About Journeys for Kids

Journeys are a common theme in picture books, and these three titles that I recently received to review reflect that theme beautifully. I’ve included one of my all-time favorite journey-themed picture books as a bonus.

Steppin Out: Everyday Journeys for Kids

In Steppin’ Out, poetry follows children through everyday journeys. Children visit grandparents, ride elevators, go to the beach, dance class, and more in this sweet collection of nineteen poems. Written by Lin Oliver and illustrated by Tomie dePaola.

Adventures in Asian Art: A Family Outing Journey for Kids

Adventures in Asian Art follows a mother and her three children as they journey through the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. My preschooler especially LOVED the illustrations in this book. We live pretty close to this museum, and we clearly need to journey there ourselves soon!

The Road Home: Animal Journeys

The Road Home features different animal journeys to their homes. This book is unique in its empathy for the hungry wolves while featuring bunnies fleeing from their jaws. I love author Katie Cotton’s final line in this picture book: “This road is hard, this road is long, but we are not alone. For you are here, and I’m with you… and so this road is home.” Sarah Jacoby’s illustrations are beautiful.

A Wordless Picture Book About a Journey

Journey was published back in 2013, but I couldn’t publish a post on picture books about journeys without including this exquisite wordless picture book. Children will pore over Aaron Becker’s vibrant illustrations in this award-winning book.

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  1. I love wordless books for the stories they inspire in your head. I should have the kids do a writing assignment for one.

    The art museum book sounds like it’d be fun to read.

    1. Middle of nowhere, Idaho for a family reunion this summer. You have to get pretty remote to find a place that fits our entire family that is within our budget!

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