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Pen and Paper: Recent Creations

Emma's first composition

Emma’s first “composition”

"People" by Lily

“People” by Lily

monsters and a robot by Johnny

“Monsters and a Robot” by Johnny

Map of Story Land by Emma

“Map of Story Land” by Emma

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13 thoughts on “Pen and Paper: Recent Creations”

  1. These are fantastic! I loved Lily’s drawing of people–she draws them in the same style your other kids use, and it is so different from how I drew people as a kid!

  2. Your children’s drawing abilities amaze me. I honestly can’t believe that Lily drew the people. So I have a question–do you ever help them with drawing or show them how to draw things? I know you have tried instructional drawing books. I have stayed away from showing my kids how to draw anything, but lately I’m having a mental debate over whether or not it is problematic, and I’m really tempted to have an occasional drawing time that is slightly more “instructional.” I actually almost checked out an Ed Emberly book from the library the other day.

    1. I was very surprised that Lily drew people! I think it came out of our “I draw a smiley face and you draw arms, legs, and hair” game.

      I don’t help with drawing, but Mike occasionally runs mini drawing lessons with the kids. They get their drawing ability from him. And we have occasionally borrowed books from the library. Mostly, though, my kids draw on their own. I’m very lucky that they are all very happy to sit at the table and draw and create together quietly as a “downtime” activity.

      I think instructional books can be good and bad, depending on how they are used by the parents and children. My kids don’t have any problem starting form the book and then taking it in their own direction. If I had a child who was very intent on following the instructions exactly I would be more concerned.

      Have you ever looked into “Drawing with Children” by Mona Brookes? It might be an approach you would like.

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