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Adorable Peg Doll Fairies DIY Doll Craft

We made these adorable peg doll fairies for my daughter’s eighth birthday party. The kids loved customizing them, and they were so easy to put together!

We made these adorable peg doll fairies for my daughter's eighth birthday party. The kids loved customizing them, and they were so easy to put together!

Peg Doll Fairies DIY Doll Tutorial

We planned a pretty simple party for Lily’s eighth birthday, but then simplified it even more when Lily broke her arm two days before. I had to pull out all of the active activities to create a very low key party. Thankfully, kids are awesome and the party was a hit, even when I put seven candles instead of eight on the very pathetic looking cupcakes. Not my finest moment, but I did spend an entire night up with Lily in the ER, and if one candle shy on not pretty but still yummy cupcakes is the casualty from that, I’ll take it.

Peg Doll Fairy Materials

Peg dolls are fun and easy to decorate! I set out ultra fine point Sharpie pens along with regular Sharpie markers. You’ll also notice what I thought were Crayola pip squeak markers. It turns out they were Crayola window markers – hazards of owning too many kinds of markers and a sleep-deprived mom. Pip squeak markers work great; don’t do the window markers, because they come off on hands when you handle the painted dolls!

The wooden fairy doors were easy and fun to decorate using the same materials. I used this butterfly hole punch to make fairy wings, which we added to the dolls using glue dots. This craft was inspired by Anna’s LEGO minifigure fairy hack, which uses the same hole punch.

Fairy themed birthday party activities - LOVE the fairy peg dolls!

The ribbon wands were just there for fun.

Fairy themed birthday party for an eight-year-old

This made a nice quiet activity for Lily and her friends. Thankfully, it absorbed all of them until it was time to eat cake and inspect gifts – even if I somehow missed photos of the friends’ decorated fairies and doors. Sleep deprivation strikes again! Lily, true to form, kept her fairies minimalist.

This was Lily’s second fairy themed birthday party! You can find another kind of peg doll fairy at her six-year-old fairy themed birthday party. And here’s another fun use for that butterfly hole punch!

Adorable peg doll fairy doll making craft for kids. Easy and fun to make and customize to suit each child. Full tutorial and supply list in the post.

I predict a few more years of fairy love in this house before my youngest daughter at least outgrows the phase. Do you have a favorite fairy themed craft, book, or activity? Please do share in the comments. You can also drop a note on my Facebook page, or tag me on Twitter or Instagram. We would love to see any peg doll fairies you make! 

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