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Parenting Three (With a Fourth on the Way)

three kids

Things I’m loving about having a six-year-old:

  • Watching new worlds unfold through reading
  • Sophisticated reasoning – even when it means questions like, “Why do I have to do what you say?”
  • Greater empathy
  • A new-found ability to help siblings calm down and feel safe

Things I’m loving about having a four-year-old:

  • Humor!!! Johnny is a funny little boy, and he loves to make people laugh!
  • Energy and coordination for fun, active games – both indoors and out
  • More talking! Explaining feelings and events
  • Creative ideas for imaginary games and worlds

Things I’m loving about having a two-year-old:

  • Incredibly intense opinions
  • Affection – Lily gives the best hugs in the universe
  • Being surprised at what she knows
  • Watching her take more and more of a leadership role within games

Things I’m loving about having a baby on the way:

  • The kids’ excitement over a new baby sister
  • Tiny baby kicks
  • Planning and preparing for a new life
  • Little baby clothes and an excuse to keep those fun toys around for a few more years!

What are you loving about your kids right now?

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

25 thoughts on “Parenting Three (With a Fourth on the Way)”

  1. Congrats on #4 on the way!!!! Your post just reminded me of myself so much – I currently have a 6 year old, 4 year old and 3 year old with my 4th due in less than 3 weeks. Also 1 boy and 2 girls already with another girl on the way :) But I agree – with all the different ages, there is so much to love about them!! Congrats again :)

    1. Congratulations to you, too! My third will be three or nearly three when the fourth comes along, so we have almost exactly the same age gaps!

  2. Elisa | blissfulE

    I so admire how you take the time to write these reflective posts! Since you’re inspiring me, I’ll chime in with my favourite things:
    Nikki (5): in-depth reasoning and helpfulness
    Michael (4): exuberance and directness
    Vi (2): so smiley and amazingly patient
    David (9mos): walking around pushing furniture

  3. There are so many different things to love about kids as they go through each developmental stage. Your kids’ ages seem to be evenly spaced out :).

    Now that my daughter’s 6, I enjoy shopping and doing crafts with her.

  4. What a lovely picture. What I love about Anna is her sweetness and enthusiasm about new experience. She is also very funny.

  5. I love this – as each age unfolds I find new things to love more and more.

    With J (32 months now) I love the way that he asks for cuddle time, that he wants to know about everything and anything. Daily we get asked to go and make something or do something fun. His little songs that he makes up – Current songs are one about an Icthyosaur and a Elephant!

    With T (13 months) it’s how different the two of them are. She’s my little tornado, she never sits still it makes me appreciate the cuddles that I do get even more. Her favourite phrase is already “I DO”, she is just starting to instigate play with J her method drag him to what she wants to play with and pushes him over and says “J do!”

  6. This is an adorable post. For my two year old, I am loving the funny things she says and does. She has my husband and I cracking up daily. My 9 month old is just at that baby perfect stage, and wonderful. Her toothless smile stops my heart <3

  7. What an adorable picture! I agree with you on your 2 year old list. My son also has intense opinions, and I love it. I love when he runs up to me or his dad, gives us a hug, and says “I love you.” He amazes me every day with what he knows – a 2 year old’s learning capacity is awesome.

  8. this is the cutest picture! and such a sweet post. this might be a good idea for me to do every now and then. right now, i love the fact that Bear can say the sweetest things.. especially when he’s half asleep and says, “you’re beautiful, momma.” melts my heart everytime.

  9. What a sweet post! It’s so nice to search for the unique qualities in each child. My son is 20 months…I am loving that he is really starting to walk, asks to go outside and play by trying to open the patio door, and has such a pleasant/comical personality!

  10. So sweet! I love taking a moment to reflect on what I’m loving about my kids at the moment. Loving Joshua’s adorable smile and Emma G’s silliness!

  11. I love this post. It reminded me to stop for a minute and appreciate each of the kids. Having siblings is such a wonderful experience. As the mom of 5, I get to watch how it shapes their personalities. They really do love to have so many playmates!

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