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Parenting Three

Johnny, Lily, and Emma

Things I’m loving about Lily right now:

  • Her endless enthusiasm
  • The charm of being part baby, part “big kid”
  • Her belief that anything is possible – and the determination to accomplish her goals
  • New words every day

Things I’m loving about Johnny right now:

  • His ability to make people laugh
  • Seeing his drawings evolve every day
  • Discovering that he can spell his name
  • Learning new uses for tape every day

Things I’m loving about Emma right now:

  • Discovering new words she can apparently read (“Mama, why does the car in front of us say School Bus?”)
  • Her ability to get herself completely ready to go – quickly!
  • Her willingness and ability to help me with the younger kids when I really need it
  • Watching her dance

The big thing I’m trying to figure out at the moment? How to do chores and keep the house clean without sacrificing creativity and the joy of everyday living!

MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

16 thoughts on “Parenting Three”

  1. Sweet picture of the three of them!

    I am really, really struggling with that same thing right now. That is one huge reason I took a major break from blog stuff. Still haven’t figured out anything as far as a solution. If you do, pass it along, please!

  2. Three would be lovely. Do you like that number? I’m only on number one but two doesn’t seem like enough :).

    Sweet picture and looks like they get along!

    1. @Genevieve – the great thing about having three instead of two is that if one kid needs some alone time the other two still have someone to play with! And they still fit across the back seat of the car (although it’s a bit tight with three car seats!)

      @stephanie – Great perspective – thanks!

  3. I’m convinced there’s no way to have everything tidy and clean all the time with kids. Especially more than one. I’ve learned to accept the mess now and then and give myself super pats on the back when the planets align and things actually DO look spic-n-span.

    I admire your energy keeping the three of them busy and happy and learning. When they’re all old enough to do chores and actually help-help (instead of just adding to the mess) you can have things clean. For now, put your blinders on to the stuff that doesn’t matter as much. They’re adorable and happy. You’re doing it right, lady.

  4. Elisa | blissfulE

    What a fantastic photo and terrific list of things your loving about your kids! I think our kids would have so much fun together!!

  5. What a beautiful photo of your children. I would also love to hear from someone who has tips for keeping up with the chores without compromising creativity.

    Lily looks thrilled with her sweet, new monkey.

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