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Papier Mache Moon Nightlight

Learn how to make a papier mache moon nightlight.

Papier Mache Moon Nightlight

Isn’t this papier mache moon nightlight neat? Six-year-old Emma made it all by herself – with materials and instructions provided by Babbabox. Sadly, the company no longer seems to be in business, at least not in this format. But you can still enjoy the craft!

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How to Make a Papier Mache Moon

This paper mache moon is lit from the inside with a small battery-powered tea light. The only other materials you need are lightweight paper (think packing paper or tissue paper), water, and school glue.

making a papier mache moon nightlight

Blow up the balloon. Mix up at glue + water mixture. I think ours was about 50% water, 50% glue, but this ratio will vary based on how thick your glue is.

Rip your paper into pieces. Dip each piece in the water + glue mixture, and then place it on the balloon.

I grew up using flour and water paste to make papier mache. The glue and water solution worked really well – and this way you don’t have to worry about attracting small animals with your creation!

Emma started off with tiny, neat squares of paper, but soon decided that big strips were the way to go! It makes for a somewhat messy-looking moon (see the top photo), but she likes it and that’s what matters! You could even argue that the bigger pieces created more of a moon crater look!

It will take at least 24 hours for your moon to dry. Once it is dry, carefully remove the balloon and insert the tea light. This moon makes a wonderful night light!

Finish up by reading Kitten’s First Full Moon and completing this creative moon art activity.

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  1. Battery powered tea lights are wonderful. I’m convinced there are going to be a lot of neat ideas (like this one!) coming out in kids crafts in the coming years. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These projects look like so much fun! I think my girls would especially love the sun paper and Emma’s moon is gorgeous. I agree that she suddenly looks very grown up.

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