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Paper Bag Animals – Quick and Easy Kid Crafts Using Simple Materials

Your imagination is the only limit with these fun quick and easy paper bag animal kid crafts! What will you make?

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How to Make Paper Bag Animals

My kids first discovered paper bag animals via this fun little craft kit. Anna made paper bag farm animals as part of a farm animal learning unit we did in 2016.

Nearly six months later, they pulled out our paper bags and made this delightful collection of paper bag creatures! They used some little felt circlespipe cleaners and pom poms from our home makerspace kit.

They started off simple, with a cat, dog, and mouse.

Paper bag crafts beg to go along with a story. Their puppy craft made me think of The Poky Little Puppy. The cat reminded me of Kitten’s First Full Moon, and the mouse reminded me of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. What books do they remind you of?

They they moved onto mythical creatures, where they got really creative!

Paper Bag Monster Craft

I love the way mythical creatures inspire children’s imainations! This guy may be partially inspired by The Gruffalo, which is one of our favorite picture books.

Unicorn Paper Bag Craft

Adorable unicorn craft made using a paper bag.

Unicorns are always fun, but this magical creature got wings AND a sparkly pom pom mane and tail. I love the three-dimensional element you get with the pom poms.

Interestingly, as much as my kids love unicorns (and I also adored them as a child), none of us have a favorite unicorn picture book or chapter book. Do you?

Do you have a cute paper bag animals craft to inspire my kids even more? What are your favorite quick and easy kid crafts? We’re partial to sticker scenes and this sensory wall mosaic art activity.

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    My kids never really got into paper bag crafts, but they do all manner of other crafts together.

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