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Owl Sewing Project for Kids

Six-year-old Lily really honed her sewing skills this month! It all started with this owl sewing project for kids.

Easy first sewing project for kids

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You might wonder why I would buy an owl sewing kit when I could easily put together the pieces myself? The short answer is that Lily was willing to earn it for herself. The longer answer is that I find that, sometimes, these pre-built kits motivate kids to learn new skills that they might struggle to develop otherwise. This particular kit even came with a pattern that Lily then traced, cut out, and used to sew this tiny baby owl!

Tiny owl sewing project for kids

This tiny baby owl was made using wool felt, beads, and embroidery floss that we already owned, but without the kit I doubt she would have made it. Without the kit, she would have had to ask me to help her design an owl, help her cut it out, and help her know what to sew when. With the kit, she could follow the same instructions she used for the large owl, giving her a much higher degree of independence. The pre-cut holes on the large owl helped her know exactly how to sew this project, and she was able to replicate that on the tiny owl without any help from me (I did help with threading needles, tying knots, and cutting out the felt shapes).

Owl Sewing Project for Kids

Owl kids can sew

I have delightful memories of playing with toys I made for myself as a kid, and I see my own children playing the same way. Lily got out our DUPLO bricks and built her owl a house. Speaking of DUPLO bricks, trust me and keep those for your older kids – we use them all the time! Did you know that Google built their first computer server out of DUPLO bricks?

Creative pretend play

Through some careful re-arranging of bricks, Lily’s owl house converts into a teacher desk:

When kids make their own toys, it sparks a whole new level of pretend play

She had planned to make a baby owl school, but after sewing one she got distracted by Emma’s felt doll sewing project and started sewing one of those instead. Over the holiday weekend they each sewed two arms and part of a leg, but Lily’s doll leg is missing in action. Hopefully it turns up today!

What fun projects are your kids enjoying these days? Have you tried this owl sewing kit?

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  1. Such cute owls!!! Very exciting to see her take on and do so well at this self-motivated project. :)

  2. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    I am with you on Duplo – we still use them all the time too! It’s an adorable project, and Lily is becoming quite a seamstress!

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