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Our Week + Florida!

japanese maple tree in spring

We finally got some spring-like weather this week! As soon as the thermometer hit 58 degrees, Emma was declaring it summer and asking if they could run through the sprinkler! We didn’t do that, but they did spend a lot of time playing in the sandbox and on the swings! Lily could have a full-size swing, but she likes this one. Anna isn’t so sure about the grass, but she loves the sandbox! She stays in there until I pull her out for playing with too much sand.

swinging in spring

It got really cold again (freezing cold) on Friday. I guess the weather is just like our Japanese Maple tree – can’t quite let go of fall/winter yet.

This week the kids and I are flying off to visit my parents in Florida, where it really should be warm! I’m flying on my own with four kids – wish me luck! Any tips?

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16 thoughts on “Our Week + Florida!”

  1. Have a great trip. The water will be so warm now! I am wishing you a super duper great travel experience! It CAN happen!

  2. Have fun in warm Florida! I always brought a new something with me and pulled it out when the kids were getting antsy. And pack lots of snacks!

  3. Elisa | blissfulE

    Didn’t you do a game last time you flew to pretend you were going through airport security so your kids would be ready for it before the trip?I find even a little bit of very simple (eg not even a lot of props) role play helps so much. Also, lots of tiny snacks and removable stickers or some other non-messy fun. Even just a few hours’ flight benefits from preparation, because most of what happens is the airport, takeoff and landing, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a short or long trip – it’s still an adventure! My four kids traveled very well to the US and back when my youngest was 9 months, so I know you can do this!!

    1. Thanks for reminding me about that game! And yes, I have thought many times that if you could endure that flight from Australia under such difficult conditions I can do a fairly short trip to Florida!

  4. Enjoy the warmth and hug your parents for me, please! As of last week it is finally warm here, too! Why did it take soooo long this year?! Can you believe it?! Phinia is three today!

    That swing set is huge! I didn’t get around to having the piggy paints shipped to my in-laws in Provo, alas my mother-in-law can’t bring ’em. Too bad. I’ll have to wait till someone responsible flies to the US again.

    Our hamsters are doing well. I am still wanting to start a pen pal connection between our kids via good ol’ snail mail!

    1. Happy (late, now) birthday to Phinia! How do they grow up so quickly?

      I have another nail polish we tried out that you might actually like more! I’ll post about it this Friday, I think. It works differently – so it isn’t a competitor with Piggy Paint, just a different approach to nail polish for kids.

      I would love to start up a pen pal connection with your kids! Can you email me some little facts about each one, and I’ll get my kids writing the first letters?

  5. Oh my goodness I hope you have a wonderful time in Florida with your parents! I don’t really have any tips for flying with four kids – I’ve never done that! The only one I can think of is to wear Anna in the airports so you have your hands free for the other kids but I’m sure you’ve already thought of that!

  6. Pray.

    Nah, just kidding. Hahaha!

    It’s amazing but the kids are always super good at airports. They are crazy about planes, the inner workings, the types of planes, etc. So, We look at all the planes and guess what it is. Boeing 737, Airbus…I know, we are nerds, right!

    Well it works. While we are on the plane, I try to explain what’s going on, wind speed, lift, the flaps and such. We learn about things together before hand.

    Also, coloring books, A DVD player helps.

    Oh, and some snacks like pretzels.

    It’s only a few hours, right. Between all that, it’s all good!

    Have a great trip!

  7. Enjoy the trip. I have only one, so have no idea how do you handle 4 :-) But we found it work well even with the one – is to asign him responsibilities for the whole trip, like taking care of his bag (with a book, a toy, and a snack).

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