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One week of valentines

one week of Valentines

Mike and I have never been much for celebrating Valentine’s Day – or any holiday, for that matter. This is due in part to laziness and in part to the fact that we only recently started earning income instead of taking out annual student loans.

I do think holidays are a lot of fun, especially with kids in the house. Romance can suffer with two toddlers in the house and a baby on the way.

I didn’t want to commit to two full weeks of valentines, so I decided to do one week instead. Doesn’t work as cutely with the numbers, but it’s way better than the card swap we normally do.

Mike is a huge “words of affirmation” guy (see the Five Love Languages book if you don’t know what I’m talking about with words of affirmation), so I thought we’d go with word gifts. Here’s my plan for the week – I’ve already done through today (February 10th).

February 8th: Started small. Gave Mike one Hershey’s kiss and explained my plan (I told him I’d do something every day through Saturday)

February 9th: “Nine things I love about you”

February 10th: “Ten things you do that make me smile”

February 11th: “Eleven reasons you’re the best dad ever”

February 12th: “Twelve reasons I fell in love with you”

February 13th: “Thirteen reasons I’m still in love with you”

February 14th: “Fourteen favorite memories”

Each day’s list will be delivered in a different way. Yesterday I made a card, today I sent an email, for tomorrow the kids and I are going to make a card.

Cheesy? Absolutely. Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

For those of you who know Mike, no telling him about the upcoming days. He knows he isn’t allowed to read my blog until after Saturday.

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

7 thoughts on “One week of valentines”

  1. Thanks for more ideas, I did something similar a few years ago because our anniversary is the 19th so I did cards/small things for a week. It was fun and he enjoyed the attention. This year is our 30th anniversary and a great time to do it again with new ideas!.

  2. This is a great idea! I’ve never been big on holidays, either, but the older my kids get, the more I get over my laziness to do fun holiday things with them. I don’t think Peter much cares about holidays, so we pretty much do just the card swap. In fact, I’ve told him not to spend any money on anything superfluous for me. There are plenty of preschool/homeschool things I’d like to be with extra money rather than something as perishable as flowers or even chocolate. :)

  3. Very meaningful and thrifty way to celebrate. Also, I got Emma’s valentine yesterday and it made my day!

  4. This is a really great idea!! I’m always stuck for what to give my husband for V-day–thanks for some great inspiration!!

  5. What an awesome blog you have!!! Thanks for leaving a comment on my page (I clicked your profile and discovered the blog!) – I would never have thought to look for a blog like this!! Too cool!

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