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Setting Monthly Goals: October 2020

Setting goals for October 2020. I love setting monthly goals as a way of focusing on what I most want to achieve to create a more purposeful and mindful life.

October 2020 monthly goals

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How Did September 2020 Go?

Oh wow. What a month.

If you remember, our HVAC system died the night of August 15-16th. It still is not fixed, and it has been exceptionally hot! 96 degrees today; 99 earlier this week.

California Wildfires

Add in California’s wildfire problem and it’s been a difficult month in terms of at home comfort. And everything here is still shut down so there aren’t good indoor options.

2020 California wildfire season

We are extremely fortunate in that we don’t live in an evacuation zone. It’s enough to live 30+ miles away. The red sun you see in the photo above has become pretty commonplace. The yellow and orange and brown photos are form a single extremely low visibility day. Interestingly, the air quality that day was much better than on some other much higher visibility days. I’ve also learned that acrid smelling air isn’t always the most polluted air.

Wanting to Be Close to Family

My dad had a heart attack at the end of the month. He is, thankfully, doing pretty well. But it scared all of us, and I really wish I were closer. He lives in Florida, and it isn’t a very good idea for me to go see him right now, unfortunately. I am grateful for the technology that allows for Zoom calls.


Kite Flight quilt progress

I’ve always found crafting very therapeutic. I had planned to finish off the top of this Kite Flight quilt I am making for Emma. Between the heat and everything else that was happening I didn’t finish.

Lily and Anna both spent a lot of time working on KiwiCo crates. They also found solace in kinetic sand and excavation kits.

How Did September Goals Go?

I did all right with September goals, although I definitely did not accomplish all of them.

I finished the draft of my book! I’m sure there will be more edits, but the bulk of the work is done. I’m so excited to see it go to press in a couple months!

As I mentioned above, I didn’t quite finish the top of Emma’s quilt, but I am at least 2/3 of the way through.

I edited photos some, but I’m still behind!

I swam and walked whenever the air quality and our neighborhood pool schedule allowed.

Lily and Anna loved making Research Parent’s Presidential Election Lapbook. We highly recommend this free printable!

Homeschool is going well. Distance learning has its issues, but is mostly working well. We changed one of Emma’s classes, and hopefully that will resolve some of the issues.

I did not write up the tween face mask tutorial. I need to do this in October!

October 2020 Monthly Goals

I am trying to keep this list really simple, because there is so much going on in the background of my life right now.

  • Finish Emma’s quilt. Focus area: mindfulness
  • Publish my tween face mask tutorial. Focus area: education
  • VOTE! I’ll be mailing a ballot in. Here in California you can track it to make sure your vote is counted. It is so important for everyone who can to vote! Focus area: gratitude
  • Visit my sister and her kids. This carefully planned road trip will be our first time seeing family members in 2020. Focus area: gratitude
  • Celebrate Halloween without trick or treating. We’re planning a Harry Potter themed party. Focus area: gratitude
  • Edit photos. Honestly, I probably won’t spend much time on this this month, but it’s making the list. Focus area: gratitude

And that’s it. Travel will take up one week, and there is so much just with homeschooling and making sure distance learning works right now!

What are your goals for October 2020?

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