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Discover Ocean Fish

A non-fiction picture book to introduce children to ocean fish, plus activities to teach children more about the diversity of tropical reef fish.

Ways to teach children about ocean fish.

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Discover Ocean Fish with All Fish Faces

We all love the beach, but I feel like we don’t think enough about the incredibly diverse world that lives inside the ocean’s waters.

Discover Ocean Fish with the book All Fish Faces
All Fish Faces book cover, 2nd edition

Lucky for us, Tam Warner Minton created a beautiful book all about tropical reef fish so that we can all learn a little bit about ocean life. We were sent a review copy of the book.

Learning about tropical reef fish

All Fish Faces is a beautiful book, full of photos the author took while scuba diving. My kids found both the pictures and the text highly engaging.

teaching kids about ocean life

The book features photos of tons of fish. Some, like Butterfly fish, fit the picture I have in my eye of tropical reef fish.

a book about ocean fish

Others, like the Parrotfish, look very different from what I picture in my head when thinking about tropical reef fish.

Learning about fish by reading books

All Fish Faces features all sorts of fascinating facts, like that much of the sand you find around coral reefs is actually Parrotfish poop! Clearly the author understand how to grab children’s attention!

What Do Kids Learn in All Fish Faces?

There is a lot of science spread throughout the book. I especially appreciated the way the author ties a fish’s appearance to the way they live their everyday lives.

I learned a lot reading this book. For example, I learned that grouper fish often weigh over 200 pounds!

The author’s passion for the subject shines throughout the book. She explains how children can help protect ocean animals, and 10% of the profits from her book go to the Marine Megafauna Foundation, an organization that tries to keep ocean giants in the ocean where they belong.

If you find fish even a little bit interesting, you’ll want to read this book! Think fish are boring? Read the book, and I bet you’ll change your mind!

All Fish Faces Giveaway

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More Fun Ways to Learn About the Ocean with Kid

Ocean Activities for Children

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